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Are You Making the Right Choice About the Covid 19 Vaccine?

submitted by: admin on 05/25/2021
The policies of the CDC, FDA, and NIH have been sanctified by highly questionable motives of politicians, powerful individuals with nefarious agendas, and a controlled mainstream media. There is clearly another side of the story about the Covid 19 vaccines that has been censored. This has led to a real pandemic, one based on confusion,...

Chelation Therapy, Does it Work? with Ellie Hynote, MD

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
At last there is a long term NIH-funded study to determine whether or not chelation therapy works for people with coronary heart disease. Controversy and political pressure are affecting whether or not the study will be completed.              

How Many Influenza Deaths in Children were there in 2010?

submitted by: admin on 02/23/2024
The CDC reported there were 115 deaths in kids under the age o 18 in the year 2010. A closer look reveals that half of these deaths (58) were in kids who were immunocompromised, so the vaccine would not likely have been of any benefit. Of those who died, about 1/3 were immunized, which means that the vaccine did no good. Now we're down to 38 kids under the...

Integrative Medicine Research with Davi Pakter, MD

submitted by: admin on 10/09/2013
Medical research is purported to be based on randomized controlled trials. However, there is another approach that is called "outcome" research.        

IV Vitamin C for Cancer Treatment

submitted by: admin on 10/09/2013
  The story on whether or not intravenous vitamin C works has been ongoing for more than 40 years, when Linus Pauling began studing this treatment. The clinical trials that have been completed are controversial and have led to arguing. Studies on oral vitamin C show it does not work. However, intravenous treatment vitamin C leads to much higher levels...

Medical Journal Articles: Should the Public Have Free Access?

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013
We pay for the National Institute of Health's research with our tax dollars. Yet we pay again to get the information from medical journals. Medical journals have become a business first and service when possible.        

Methyl Jasmonate as a Treatment for Cancer

submitted by: admin on 06/24/2016
Methyl jasmonate is a plant  hormone that is able to disrupt the mitochondria of cancer cells, but not normal cells. This would add to the abilitiy of cancer cells to produce energy and perhaps help destroy cancer cells. We clearly need more research on this inexpensive and readily available treatment. Hopefully the National Institutes of Health (NIH) would...

Moderna Entanglements

submitted by: admin on 09/08/2020
With all that is happening in the world today, it is paramount to stay  centered and remain positive. We're all in this together and the only  way out is together! With the exposure of what the pharmaceutical  company, Moderna, is getting, it is becoming very clear that the NIH,  CDC, FDA, WHO, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and others...

Pradaxa: a New Breakthrough in Anticoagulation?

submitted by: admin on 02/19/2015
  Pradaxa is currently the only FDA approved drug that inhibits factor Xa and seems to have significant advantages over Coumadin. Early studies have shown a 21% less likely risk of stroke in atrial fibrillation, a 31% lower risk of bleeding, and an 11% lower mortality rate. Two drugs under study by the FDA now include Xarelto, and Eliquis.  If...

Psychological Challenges of Covid 19

submitted by: admin on 07/10/2020
There is so much conflicting and disinformation about Covid 19 that it is near impossible for the average person to know the truth about its impact on America. It is difficult enough even for doctors who have spent hundreds of hours studying Covid 19 to know this. This coupled with the conflicts of interest of the FDA, CDC, NIH, and WHO adds tremendously to the...

Putting Together the Pieces of the Covid 19 Puzzle

submitted by: admin on 06/16/2020
Dr. Len has been following the progression of the Covid 19 pandemic and has uncovered glaring inconsistencies that are forming a pattern that is emerging. He will review aspects of this pandemic that on the surface make little sense until the dots are connected...then what is surfacing is terrifying. This, when coupled with widespread censoring and news that...

Science, Spirituality and Covid 19 and Where we are Now!

submitted by: admin on 08/07/2020
We are learning that we cannot trust the information, recommendations,  and mandates of our government when it comes to Covid 19. There is an abundance of misinformation that changes over time and often makes no sense. We are depending on a test for diagnosis that is far from accurate, data on theprevalence and mortality that is simply...

Should Medical Journals Release Articles to the Public?

submitted by: admin on 02/23/2024
Our taxes pay for NIH's research, so what is published is really our property. Why then should we have to pay for access to this information. The conflicts of interest between medical journals and NIH are discussed.

The Choices We Can Make About Covid 19

submitted by: admin on 09/11/2020
We can and must make choices about our destiny, especially when it comes to the mandates about Covid 19. We must not acquiesce to lockdowns, face masks, or social distancing. We don't have to take the vaccine for Covid 19. We are not bound by the mandates of the FDA, CDC, NIH, or WHO. Time is running out and we cannot continue to be victims. What we can do...

The Deep State's Relation to Covid 19

submitted by: admin on 06/20/2020
The story of Covid 19 is full of questions with no sensible answers. It is becoming clear that the answers to these questions require new approaches. Dr. Len and his guest Mike Buchele, MD offer alternative thoughts about what might be going on that involve conspiracies related to the Gates Foundation, Anthony Fauci, NIH, CDC, FDA, and WHO. They address the use...

The Effect of Uncertainty on Our Health and Well-being

submitted by: admin on 10/06/2020
When we don't know what action to take about important issues in our lives it can be quite unsettling. In the case of Covid 19, we are getting conflicting points of view from a wide range of sources of information that are supposed to be trusted. Do you trust the FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, POTUS, the conspiracy theorists, or do you have your...

The Gap Between Good Science and Dogma

submitted by: admin on 02/23/2024
We make a lot assumptions based on superficial observations that have become accepted without scientific rigor. Policy by proclamation is not scientific. We must have funding from NIH for some of this research.

The Hydroxychloroquine Scandal

submitted by: admin on 06/06/2020
The Hydroxychloroquine Scandal Dr. Len shares the scandal originally published by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, and The Guardian, on the hydroxychloroquine articles published in the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine on May 22, 2020. These "prestigious" medical journals published articles with data on 96,000 patients hospitalized from...

The Psychology of Covid 19

submitted by: admin on 08/11/2020
Most of us don't have a good understanding of Covid 19 or how it is being played to create havoc in the world. It isn't easy to understand the science of Covid 19 or the actions that are being imposed on us by our government and possibly the deep state. The separation mandating masks, lockdowns, and social distancing is only one aspect...

The Voice of Reason, Dr. Len Saputo

submitted by: admin on 02/09/2021
The Voice of Reason     Cutting through the confusion generated by fake news and itsbrainwashing hyperbole has left us all wondering what to believe about Covid 19. The Voice of Reason podcasts are intended to provide a commonsense commentary from authors and wellness advocates renown physician Len Saputo,...

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