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The Voice of Reason



Cutting through the confusion generated by fake news and itsbrainwashing hyperbole has left us all wondering what to believe about Covid 19. The Voice of Reason podcasts are intended to provide a commonsense commentary from authors and wellness advocates renown physician Len Saputo, MD and international Qigong Teacher Francesco Garripoli. Together, they will dialogue on What is New in the News in Healthcare regarding all aspects of Covid 19 and address your questions and comments in their shows.








Transforming Polarity into Community


America has become polarized into factions that are destroying community. All too often our beliefs are on one side or the other. Do you do research yourself or do you simply believe what you see on TV or the Internet? Or are you complacent and putting your head in the sand hoping that somehow things will work themselves out. Hype and censorship 

are becoming the narrative that is guiding America. This leads to confusion and mass hysteria rather than a sense of self that is trusted and embraced. America is at a turning point where we're beginning to think for ourselves. Dr. Len and Francesco delve into what is happening now in America and how we're beginning to stand up for what it knows to 
be right.


Standing Up to Fragility


The indecision of not knowing what action to take for important issues is starting to become a way of life in the world. Fear is rampant, the news is one-sided, the country is in turmoil, and most of America is in a panic and is acquiescing out of desperation. In this time of great fragility; a time when we cannot afford to acquiesce to fear or anger. 

It is time to come together and create that resonant field of like-minded souls that have a "Voice of Reason". Perhaps we should reserve more quiet time to reflect on the state of affairs and trust our intuition about how to deal with the craziness that is the real pandemic. Coming together is a powerful first step!!!!!!!


Resisting Separation


Where do you get news you can trust? Where can we even get news that is fact checked by independent sources that are reliable? Sadly, what is called news today is no more than opinions. And, where can you find an honest debate? We are being divided being polarized groups depending on where we get our information. Dr. Len and Francesco spend hours every day scouring both mainstream TV as well as many Internet sites. They then digest the multitude of viewpoints and come up with their own opinion that feels right. They trust their intuition and their heart to come up with the position they will take. It is becoming clear that Americans are losing trust in the FDA, CDC, NIH, and WHO. We are also watching the US economy going bankrupt. They discuss the challenges of 

the vaccine that make it very uncertain regarding both its safety and efficacy. They also discuss treatments that are well tested and supported by thousands of doctors that are being suppressed by government health agencies


Taking Action When it is Difficult


We are living in very difficult times and too few of us are taking the action needed to deal with mandates related to Covid 19 that require wearing a mask, physical distancing,being locked down, and now taking a new fast tracked vaccine that is inadequately tested for either effectiveness or safety. The combination of fear and complacency has 

allowed our government to infringe on our civil rights. And what are we doing about it? There are a few people taking a stand against these injustices who are walking their talk such as the physician in Oregon who wasn't requiring asymptomatic patients to wear a mask and lost his license because of it. If you don't have the courage to say no and pay the consequences, at least you can set the intention about what is in your heart and add to the coherent field that has an impact.


What is the Real Truth About Covid 19?


We cannot trust the "science" that is manufactured about Covid 19. Most 

of the published literature on the topic has severe conflicts of interest that tarnish the conclusions and recommendations. It is vital 
that we find our own truth based on research we do from multiple sources and then see what resonates with our intuition. Until we create a resonance that is shared with all of humanity will be build a community of like minded good people who want to do the right thing. Dr. Len and Francesco share examples to help guide you to your own wise inner healer.


How Do You Find Your Truth?


Where can you find news you can trust? Do you trust the major TV stations or the CDC, FDA, NIH or WHO? Are you getting different messages at different times from the same organizations? How much censoring is involved in the news you're getting? The simple answer to these questions is that you cannot trust the information that is being repeated continually. So, if you're confused you're not alone. Most of Americans don't know what to believe. We all want good science, but where is it? We have a test to diagnose Covid 19 that is not accurate, a method of counting the number of deaths from it is greatly exaggerated, death rates this year that are no different from the past five years, and where 99.7% of people who get Covid 19 survive. And, do we need a vaccine for numbers this low? Dr. Len and Francesco discuss these issues and offer ways of dealing with the widespread misinformation that is being forced on us.


Turning Point Group Show #2


Every week our TPG meets to discuss what's new in the news that is challenging America and the entire world. On tonight's show we will cover aspects of Covid 19 that include the flawed science behind it, the way it is being handled by the government, and the effects it is having on we the people and what we can do about it.


Making Choices in Difficult Times


Every time we make a choice we are being divided into separate factions, and we lose a little more of our collective power. We are faced with choices about wearing a mask, staying in lockdown, taking the Covid 19 vaccine, what news source to believe, election fraud, and so much more. It is time to look inside for these answers because it has become blatantly obvious that we cannot trust what we're hearing on the outside. Dr. Len and Francesco will offer commonsense solutions that can create a coherent field in which we can all exist.


Critical Thinking 101


An inside look at "CRITICAL THINKING", This right here is how we produce our shows and the people behind the scenes, TPG introduction...Healthmedicine 101



How Do You Know What to Believe?


How can we get news that we can trust? We've lost journalists who report the news.What we're getting are opinions rather than the straight news that is nothing but the news! All the major news channels on TV are organized with information that is designed to scare us into believing that masses of people are dying from Covid 19 and that we're doomed unless we follow the mandates of our government that are pressuring us to wear a mask, stay socially distanced, being locked down, and now taking a vaccine that is untested. Where can we find information that is scientific that we can trust? When the test is not accurate, the reporting system for the number of Covid deaths is completely unreliable, and the media is censoring some information and giving opinions on their particular agenda, how are we to know what to trust? Why are we making public health policy when the data that is being used is unreliable? Dr. Len and Francesco delve into this with numerous examples.


The Reasons for Voting


We're in the midst of a huge election and are getting information, especially about Covid 19, from many sources that is so radically different and controversial that we've become overwhelmed. We don't know how to digest this barrage of information and come to the right decisions about how to manage it. This coupled with fear is a recipe that has led to our not knowing how to listen to our heart to tap into how we feel or use our brain to make our own wise choices. Now that the presidential election is only one day away it is time to decide how we will vote. It is important to elect the right president but there is another very important reason. When we make the decision to support whoever we choose we join in with all people who feel the same. This creates a resonant field that is coherent and has far more power than most of us realize.


What it Takes to Build Community


Where there is unity there is power. When unity is coupled with integrity the resulting power has the potential to build a community with ideals that are unstoppable. However, up until now we have not come together into unity and we're divided by an avalanche of separation that includes politics, race, economics, and even access to health care that have led to an epidemic of fear and hopelessness that is destroying America as well as the rest of the world. There is a story that has been suppressed that is filled with lies and corruption that is finally emerging, and is exposing who they are. Dr. Len and Francesco put the pieces of this puzzle together and it is shocking to learn who these entities really are.


The Meaning of Freedom


Freedom is one of the basic cornerstones that make not only America great, but the free world as well. Sometimes we take our freedom for granted, but when it is threatened we come together and will fight to the end to preserve it. In today's world that is such a mess, we have forgotten that freedom comes from the inside, from our hearts, and is not just what is allowed by outside forces. In times of great stress it is our fear that shuts us out of our ability to be free. In these situations we gradually create a world that is not free. We have a responsibility to look inside and use our power to protect our freedom.


The Dr Li-Meng Yan Interview


The Effect of Uncertainty on Our Health and Well-being


When we don't know what action to take about important issues in our lives it can be quite unsettling. In the case of Covid 19, we are getting conflicting points of view from a wide range of sources of information that are supposed to be trusted. Do you trust the FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, POTUS, the conspiracy theorists, or do you have your own ideas about what is happening and what to do? Have you acquiesced to the mandates of the CDC? Dr. Len and Francesco will take you down the rabbit hole to explore what is happening and offer solutions to deal with what is uncovered. Buckle up!


Covid 19 and Hospitals


Dr. Len is in the hospital broadcasting this show with Francesco. He feels the care he is getting is supurb and the doctors. nurses, and staff have gone out of their way to listen and care. to make a long story short, Dr. Len has severe hypertension from and endocrine inbalanance that has been very difficult to control. It has ranged from 220/110 to 60/40 despite treatment. He recently experienced two episodes of sudden loss of blood pressure that lead to his being in shock levels for a few hours. He finally figured out that he'd best go the the hospital and work with his cardiologist to find the right solution.

Covid 19 has radically changed how hospitals function. Dr. Len Saputo shares how it feels to be hospitalized at such a challenging time. even though he tested Covid 19 negative, he is wearing a mask and practicing social distancing out of respect to his colleagues and hospital rules. It feels strange to talk to covered faces and deal with the hospitals version of the lockdown. so, he's had a bit more time to work without interruptions!


It Is Not About Covid Anymore


We're all getting very tired of hearing about Covid 19 and Black Lives Matter. The path we're on in dealing with these disasters is taking us down the wrong rabbit hole. We have not only failed to find a cure in the mainstream for either problem but we also have failed our economy and our spirit. Addiction to drugs and alcohol are on the rise and there is a pandemic of depression and suicide. We are illegally being stripped of our civil rights and have been mandated to social distancing, wearing masks even in our elementary schools, and to never-ending lockdowns. We can go to Walmart but we cannot go to church. Our spirits are on the verge of collapse. Dr. Len and Francesco show us another way to deal with these problems and share stories of how they have done this in their own practices. We cannot acquiesce to the mandates of the government that are destroying America. There is hope that we can solve the problems we're now facing if we stick together and we listen to our hearts.


America is Waking Up!


Until just a few weeks ago America has not only lived in chaos but also responded with fear that has divided us. Yet we have found that chaos is the precursor to change. And changing we are! As the truth of what has emerged in the Covid 19 plandemic and in the hijacked marches for Black Lives Matter, "we the people" are beginning to stop acquiescing to the rhetoric of the major news outlets and mandates of the government. We have learned from the recent peaceful marches in Berlin and London and patriots like Bobby Kennedy are leading the way. We're beginning to believe in ourselves and are gaining strength in a grass roots driven movement that is growing every day. Americans are waking up and taking action!


The Choices We Can Make About Covid 19


We can and must make choices about our destiny, especially when it comes to the mandates about Covid 19. We must not acquiesce to lockdowns, face masks, or social distancing. We don't have to take the vaccine for Covid 19. We are not bound by the mandates of the FDA, CDC, NIH, or WHO. Time is running out and we cannot continue to be victims. What we can do is abandon fear and look within and follow our heartfelt inner voice that is connected with spirit. We can also stop watching television that no longer reports the news and focuses on presenting editorials with political messaging. We can pay attention to the recent action of millions of peacefully dissenting people in Berlin and London who are refusing the lockdowns, face masks, and social distancing. It is time to standup as citizens of American and make the choices we know are right for us.


Moderna Entanglements


With all that is happening in the world today, it is paramount to stay centered and remain positive. We're all in this together and the only way out is together! With the exposure of what the pharmaceutical company, Moderna, is getting, it is becoming very clear that the NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and others are complicit in creating this plandemic and in treasonous acts that are destroying the world's economy as well as its health. Dr. Len and Francesco report information that makes it completely clear that there was awareness of this plandemic for years prior to its actual occurrence and that Moderna is swindling its investors.


Tranquility Manages Fear


The Covid 19 plandemic and Black Lives Matter Marches have created widespread fear and panic to America. Our insecurity and lack of trust in what we're seeing on TV and on the Internet has challenged our sanity. There are signs that we are awakening to the fact that it is time to awaken and take responsibility and defend the USA! We have the strength of numbers and the heart of a lion. If we listen to our hearts and join together we can dictate our is time to join together and rescue our civil rights and defeat those who are undermining our sovereignty.


Making America Great Again, with Len Saputo, MD


Dr. Saputo discusses what we need to to as a country to stand up against the tyranny!


Being Present with Dr. Len Saputo and Dr. Brad Weeks


What does it mean to be present? Dr. Len and Dr. Brad Weeks discuss what being present means, especially in the context of being with our patients but also in our own lives. They discuss what they experienced in their medical training that undermined their being present and authentic and what they did to learn more present in their personal and professional lives. You can learn more about Dr. Brad Weeks here


Breakthroughs in Light Medicine: Treating Dementias and Pain


This presentation will introduce what light medicine is, how it works, and review the medical literature as well as their extensive clinical experience in treating neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease, peripheral neuropathies, as well as nearly all painful conditions. Proponents say that the beauty of this safe and cost-effective technology is that it is available today and results are usually seen in just one or two 15- to 30-minute treatments. Len Saputo, M.D., is board certified in internal medicine and has pioneered the development of an integrative, holistic, person-centered, preventative health-care model called Health Medicine. He founded the Health Medicine Forum and has 20 years of experience working with light therapy and more than 50 years practicing medicine. Maurice Bales is an electrical engineer who holds the first U.S. patent and FDA clearance for a light machine. He was awarded five grants from NASA while working on the space shuttle, and has been employed by UC Berkeley to mentor Ph.D. students in fusion physics for two decades.


Censorship and Oppression Threaten America’s Trademark Standards of Democracy and Open Debate

Watch as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. addresses health freedom advocates gathered in Copenhagen to strategize ways to maintain human rights on a global basis.


On the eve of the 57th anniversary of his uncle John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. addressed health freedom advocates gathered in Copenhagen to strategize ways to maintain human rights on a global basis.

Robert Kennedy said that when Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee asked then-President Kennedy what he would like to have written on his tombstone, Kennedy replied, “He Kept the Peace.”

Robert Kennedy then led the attendees through a history of the rise of censorship and oppressionin recent decades, stressing that some form of war is key to the existence of the U.S. intelligence community. Highlights of his presentation include:

  • The biggest threat to American democracy comes from within.
  • President Eisenhower’s farewell speech cautioned the public about the abuse of power within the “military industrial complex.”
  • The fall of the Berlin Wall signified the end of the war on communism leaving U.S. intelligence workers with nothing to fight and the need to create a “war” to justify their existence.
  • The “war on terrorism” and the “bio-security agenda” became the new focal points of government intelligence with communism no longer a threat.
  • The installation of surveillance architecture ensures the capacity to keep track of every square foot of the planet and obliterate privacy.


During these challenging times the choices we make are critical in determining not only our own destiny but also that of America herself. It is time to re-access our values and do so with integrity and authenticity. If we can embrace the chaos of today's world we can flip us out of the stagnation that is presently holding us prisoners in a narcissistic world. We desperately need to transform our culture from the tyranny of the deep state and rally from our grass roots. Once again it is very important that we join the coherent field of patriots who will not acquiesce to mandates that make no sense.


Honoring The Sacred

When we talk about Honoring the sacred, we are talking about humanity as a whole. This Voice of Reason gets into the demonic figures like Gates, Fauci, the global elite and the global reset. Along with the political bullshit going down. People like Mike Adams, RFK JR and others are the light in the darkness and we HAVE to make a stand! Merry Christmas!


The Responsibility of Freedom

Freedom is something that is earned that must be protected at all times. 
We have slowly relinquished some of our precious rights over the past 
several decades, especially since the onset of Covid 19. The direction 
we're now headed is socialism or even communism as we're witnessing the 
disappearance of the middle class. Unless we take action soon it may be 
too late to prevent. Dr. Len and Francesco take a deep look at what is 
happening to our country and what we can do to save it from the collapse 
that seems imminent.


Transparency for 2021


We all hoped that the year 2020 would be filled with transparency and clear vision. However, it has been filled with anything but transparency. We've experienced a pandemic of corruption, fraud and lies that has made us frustrated, angry, and feeling hopeless. Dr. Len and Francesco review what happened in 2020 with Covid 19 testing, methods of reporting mortality, vaccine development, and the legitimacy of masks and lockdowns. They also go on to offer practical solutions that are doable to restore both our democracy and health.


We cannot settle for hearing half of any story. We need both sides. This 
is not happening with the Covid 19 story or its vaccine. Mainstream TV 
news tells half the story, the side that supports a lot of what we 
believe is misinformation. Yet, it seems to censor what our research 
shows to be cutting edge information. Dr. Len and Francesco share some 
of their research that supports thinking twice about the metrics used to 
validate the effectiveness of the PCR test for Covid 19, the method of 
counting the deaths purported to be caused by Covid 19, and statistics 
used to recommend an experimental vaccine that is not approved by the 
FDA and has serious concern regarding its safety. All this is 
recommended when survival rates are greater than 99% and there is 
excellent drug treatment to cure Covid 19 infections.


America is divided because of widespread misinformation and fear, and we're in a time of crisis. There is no easy way to know the right action when it comes to managing Covid 19 without an enormous effort to learn the real facts. With the roll out of limited amounts of the mRNA vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna people are standing in lines hoping to get vaccinated. Yet, when one looks at the science behind the reasons for the vaccine this may not be the best choice. Dr. Len and Francesco present both sides of the discussion and point out that the survival rates for people under 70 years of age is 99.9% and there are several very effective drugs that cure almost everyone.


Every American has the responsibility of standing up for democracy from the grass roots level. If you approve of how America is functioning the past 12 months then there is no need to do anything different. However, f you are saddened by the economic disaster of the middle class and the mandates of our government that has become a corporate democracy that is compromising our right for free speech, right to congregate, freedom of the press, and our unwritten rights for medical freedom, then you should hear the call for action that demands we recover these precious rights immediately. Dr. Len and Francesco remind us of the seriousness of what has already happened to these sovereign rights and explore what is possible to recover the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.


Why we all need to stay the course and trust the process.


The US Constitution does not provide for medical freedom. We don't have the right to manage our own health even if the treatment imposed can cause harm. With the advent of Covid 19 our freedom to choose our own treatment has been further compromised. We're subject to wearing a mask, social distancing, lockdowns, and now possibly to a mandatory vaccine. This is leading to lost jobs, lost health insurance, and lost businesses and lost homes. Are food lines next? How much civil unrest is to follow? Dr. Len and Francesco explore these potential consequences and offer practical solutions that change what is happening.


Dr Lee Merrit Interview

An Absolute must watch as far as we are concerned

Just Do What is Right

submitted by: admin on 02/02/2021

America is split when it comes to taking the Covid 19 "vaccine". It is impossible to get both sides of this story because of Big Tech's anti-American censorship of the Internet and mainstream television. The promise of this experimental biological agent to stop the spread of the disease and prevent deaths from it is far from proven. We are involved in what many consider an irresponsible a global experiment that is testing the safety and efficacy of these experimental biological agents. here is the link to the Merck article 


Merck Article


Making a Choice About Taking the Covid 19 Vaccine

Some people are fighting to take the Covid 19 vaccine and some want no part of it. Technically, it isn't even a vaccine. It is an experimental biologic agent (EBA) that has not been approved by the FDA but has been allowed as an emergency measure to control the spread of Covid 19. This means that the usual and very important animal studies are being bypassed and will instead be done on human beings who take this EBA. Dr. Len and Francesco share their perspective about the safety and need for this EBA.


For the rest of the voice of reason shows, click here

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