Voice of Reason

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The Voice of Reason

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Cutting through the confusion generated by fake news and itsbrainwashing hyperbole has left us all wondering what to believe about Covid 19. The Voice of Reason podcasts are intended to provide a commonsense commentary from authors and wellness advocates renown physician Len Saputo, MD and international Qigong Teacher Francesco Garripoli. Together, they will dialogue on What is New in the News in Healthcare regarding all aspects of Covid 19 and address your questions and comments in their shows. 


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The Choices We Can Make About Covid 19


We can and must make choices about our destiny, especially when it comes to the mandates about Covid 19. We must not acquiesce to lockdowns, face masks, or social distancing. We don't have to take the vaccine for Covid 19. We are not bound by the mandates of the FDA, CDC, NIH, or WHO. Time is running out and we cannot continue to be victims. What we can do is abandon fear and look within and follow our heartfelt inner voice that is connected with spirit. We can also stop watching television that no longer reports the news and focuses on presenting editorials with political messaging. We can pay attention to the recent action of millions of peacefully dissenting people in Berlin and London who are refusing the lockdowns, face masks, and social distancing. It is time to standup as citizens of American and make the choices we know are right for us.


Tranquility Manages Fear


The Covid 19 plandemic and Black Lives Matter Marches have created 

widespread fear and panic to America. Our insecurity and lack of trust 
in what we're seeing on TV and on the Internet has challenged our 
sanity. There are signs that we are awakening to the fact that it is 
time to awaken and take responsibility and defend the USA! We have the 
strength of numbers and the heart of a lion. If we listen to our hearts 
and join together we can dictate our future...it is time to join 
together and rescue our civil rights and defeat those who are 
undermining our sovereignty.


Dealing with Covid 19 Fear


Winston Churchill was correct 80 years ago when he made the statement, 
"We have nothing to fear, except fear itself". This is turning out to be 
the case for the Covid 19 pandemic. The seriousness of the pandemic has 
passed because the death rates from Covid 19 infections has dropped now 
and is at an all time low. We're testing more people, so it should not 
be a surprise that we're finding more cases...that is simple 
commonsense. And, it is good news because we're building up the herd 
immunity we need to end this pandemic. And, let's remember the decision 
that the Swedes made when they decided to not lockdown and just use 
their commonsense and ask people who are sick to stay at home until they 
have recovered! They have continued to enjoy life as usual and they have 
not created the financial collapse that the rest of the world has 
suffered. There are pockets in the US where the Swedish model has been 
practiced and we are also doing very well. Dr. Len and Francesco 
discussed the way the US government has handled the pandemic and asked 
questions about the lockdowns, the likelihood of a vaccine being the 
solution, to do our own research, and organize at the grass roots level 
to move beyond fear and pressure our representatives to following our 


Is Covid 19 a Galactic War?


Most Americans don't know what to believe about Covid 19 or how to deal 
with it. We are learning that we cannot trust the information published 
by the government and we have been overwhelmed by the inconsistencies of 
its regulations and mandates. Most of us are beginning to realize that 
we have been lied to by the FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, and both Dr. Fauci and 
Bill Gates. It is becoming clear that there is treatment for Covid 19 
that has been suppressed and that a potentially very dangerous vaccine 
is being promoted. We are also starting to realize that artificial 
intelligence is being advocated to track not only our biochemistry and 
physiology but also influence our moods and thoughts. This is very 
scary! It is time to wake up and stand together to preserve our civil 
rights as well as our autonomy.


The Courage of First Line Defenders for Covid 19


Who is behind the coverup of the Covid 19 pandemic. It is none other 

than the czar of Covid 19, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his minions from the 
CDC, NIH, FDA, and WHO. Thanks to our doctors and nurses who are blowing 
the whistle about the effective withheld treatments and the terrible 
care that is being given to people hospitalized with Covid 19. Americans 
simply don't know what to believe and they tend to have the most faith 
in our government organizations. Thank goodness for people like doctors 
Fareed, Jacobs, and Pompan who just wrote an open letter to Anthony 
Fauci with questions that we'd all like to hear him answer. Thank 
goodness for people like Millie Weaver who has exposed ShadowGate...this 
is terrifying news! It should not come as a surprise that New Zealand 
has passed a law making it mandatory to take the Covid 19 vaccine or go 
to a government camp. They have also made it illegal to have guns. My 
goodness, what is happening?!

This movement to globalism is not just happening in the US. We now know 
that Covid 19 makes no medical, scientific, economic, or political 
sense. Who is pulling the strings that are causing the world to 
collapse? And, why is the world allowing it?


What Can You Believe About Covid 19?


Where can you go to get information you can trust about Covid 19? Unless you've studied the literature about Covid 19 for hundreds of hours it is very difficult to know what to believe. The resources we want to trust that include the FDA, CDC, NIH, and WHO are now being questioned when it comes to putting out information that is truthful and accurate. It is important to keep an open mind, do your own research, and come to your own conclusions. In the future Dr. Len and Francesco will share links to some of their sources of information


The Great Hijacking of Humanity


Humanity is being hijacked by our own government, the deep state, and 

possibly other nefarious sources. We've all but lost our democracy and 
are speeding towards fascism. Our freedom of speech and the press have 
been compromised as censorship is becoming commonplace and medical 
mandates are being imposed against our will. Personal agendas of high 
ranking health care officials are taking precedence over the good of the 
people. And, we the people are just taking it without a fight. Why?

It is simple! A pandemic of fear has been engineered that has some 
similarities to what happened in Nazi Germany. We have been convinced 
that a simple flu is taking over the world and that an Armageddon will 
be the consequence if we don't acquiesce to the outrageous mandates that 
our health authorities have implemented. Actually, what is happening can 
be turned into something very positive. We are witnessing what is 
happening and beginning to realize that we must step up to the plate and 
restore democracy starting at the grass roots level. The buck stops with 
us. If we don't rise to the occasion and take charge of our government 
and its policies who will? It could be that Pogo was right after all, we 
have found the enemy...


Science, Spirituality and Covid 19 and where we are now!


We are learning that we cannot trust the information, recommendations, 

and mandates of our government when it comes to Covid 19. There is an 
abundance of misinformation that changes over time and often makes no 
sense. We are depending on a test for diagnosis that is far from 
accurate, data on the prevalence and mortality that is simply fake, and 
a plan to rely on a vaccine that is highly unlikely to be either 
effective or safe. In the midst of all this, there are treatments being 
recommended by qualified MDs on the front lines that are not only being 
denied funding for research but also being censored by the FDA, CDC, 
NIH, and WHO as well as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and 

Dr. Len and Francesco cut through this confusion and suggest the 
solutions we've learned from Sweden, where there never was a lockdown or 
requirement to wear a mask, and from Germany, that just had a 
demonstration of 17,000 citizens who refused to wear a mask, participate 
in a lockdown or practice social distancing. The world is slowly waking 
up to what is happening and is starting to rebuild the community and 
sensibility that we need to say no to the tyrannical mandates of our 
governments. We are in both a civil and spiritual war against our 


Censorship and Covid 19


The level of censorship by the news regarding Covid 19 has become a 

major problem in the US. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have become 
tools for suppression of information that is not mainstream. Freedom of 
the press has been compromised and freedom of speech is in jeopardy. 
Because of conflicts of interest for personal gain involving the FDA, 
CDC, NIH, and WHO medical research has been restricted and actively 
suppressed regarding treatment for Covid19 that involves 
hydroxychloroquine, intravenous vitamin C, chlorine dioxide, 
artemisinin, vitamins D and A, and much more. Instead these 
organizations have given preferential treatment to the development of a 
vaccine when the virus has not even been isolated.


Covid 19: Cutting Through the Confusion


There are so many sources of information that differ about Covid 19 that 

for most people this results in confusion, frustration and ultimately 
anger. Dr. Len and Francesco have spent hundreds of hours studying the 
mainstream as well as alternative medicine resources on the topic of 
Covid 19. In this show they share stories and offer clarity about 
recommendations from the CDC, WHO, NIH, and FDA that expose their 
conflicts of interest and sometimes misguided prevention and treatment 


Americans are Divided on Covid 19


There are two major attitudes that Americans have about Covid 19. The 

first attitude is made of those people who watch the news on TV and 
believe what the CDC, NIH, FDA, and WHO report. People in this group 
follow all the rules recommended by government mandates and respect the 
lockdown, wear a mask whenever outside, maintain social distancing, and 
wash their hands frequently. People in the second group have serious 
reservations about these mandates and many practice peaceful, civil 
disobedience by not following them. Dr. Len and Francesco respectfully 
discuss the reasons why people in each group are adamant about taking 
one side or another. They believe that by following our deep intuitive 
inclinations we can join together to take the right action that can help 
bring us back into unity.


The Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams and Dr. Saputo

Dr. Len Saputo urges all conscious human beings to defeat the pure evil that has infiltrated science and medicine


Moderna Entanglements

With all that is happening in the world today, it is paramount to stay 

centered and remain positive. We're all in this together and the only 
way out is together! With the exposure of what the pharmaceutical 
company, Moderna, is getting, it is becoming very clear that the NIH, 
CDC, FDA, WHO, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and others are complicit in 
creating this plandemic and in treasonous acts that are destroying the 
world's economy as well as its health. Dr. Len and Francesco report 
information that makes it completely clear that there was awareness of 
this plandemic for years prior to its actual occurrence and that Moderna 
is swindling its investors.



America is Waking Up!


Until just a few weeks ago America has not only lived in chaos but also 

responded with fear that has divided us. Yet we have found that chaos is 
the precursor to change. And changing we are! As the truth of what has 
emerged in the Covid 19 plandemic and in the hijacked marches for Black 
Lives Matter, "we the people" are beginning to stop acquiescing to the 
rhetoric of the major news outlets and mandates of the government. We 
have learned from the recent peaceful marches in Berlin and London and 
patriots like Bobby Kennedy are leading the way. We're beginning to 
believe in ourselves and are gaining strength in a grass roots driven 
movement that is growing every day. Americans are waking up and taking 

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