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Cutting through the confusion generated by fake news and itsbrainwashing hyperbole has left us all wondering what to believe about Covid 19. The Voice of Reason podcasts are intended to provide a commonsense commentary from authors and wellness advocates renown physician Len Saputo, MD and international Qigong Teacher Francesco Garripoli. Together, they will dialogue on What is New in the News in Healthcare regarding all aspects of Covid 19 and address your questions and comments in their shows. 


Dr. Len and Francesco invite you to post your questions and comments on the Voice of Reason Blog. Click here to become a member of and be eligible to join their discussion. Membership is free and private and will not be shared with any other entities. Welcome to!. For those of you that already are members, to join the discussion.....


Dr. Len and Francesco invite you to post your questions and comments on the Voice of Reason Blog. Click here to become a member of and be eligible to join their discussion. Membership is free and private and will not be shared with any other entities. Welcome to!. For those of you that already are members, to join the discussion.....


The Psychology of Covid 19


Most of us don't have a good understanding of Covid 19 or how it is being played to create havoc in the world. It isn't easy to understand the science of Covid 19 or the actions that are being imposed on us by our government and possibly the deep state. The separation mandating masks, lockdowns, and social distancing is only one aspect how we're being manipulated. This is compounded by outright misinformation from our government agencies that is so absurd that we're losing our trust in them. We're getting mixed messages from the CDC, FDA, NIH, and WHO that have resulted in frustration and fear. At the same time we're becoming more and more confused by inconsistent mandates and lies about the possible treatment for Covid 19, the continuing lockdown that is bankrupting the country, and our loss of civil rights. Unless we unite from the grass roots of our country and say no to the absurd mandates that are regulating our freedom, it won't be long before we'll be living in a fascist government.



How Thoughts Affect Our Health and a Vaccine Update

What we think, feel, and do have profound effects on our biochemistry, physiology, and health. They modulate our neurotransmitters, hormones, immunity and much more. There's little that is unaffected by our thoughts, feelings, and actions. This approach can make the difference of how our bodies are able to respond to Covid 19. Dr. Len and Francesco delve into analogies between these biological effects and quantum physics. They also connect these concepts of placebo and nocebo into the conversation. 

They go on to discuss the absurdness of what is happening with the railroading of a ridiculous Covid 19 vaccine by Moderna, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, CDC, and the WHO with grandiose misinformation and what appears to be malintention of the human race. The sadest part of this conspiracy is that there is a long waiting list of people who think they are doing a patriotic thing by volunteering to participate in Moderna's research study for their Covid 19 vaccine.

Covid 19: Cutting Through the Confusion

There are so many sources of information that differ about Covid 19 that 
for most people this results in confusion, frustration and ultimately 
anger. Dr. Len and Francesco have spent hundreds of hours studying the 
mainstream as well as alternative medicine resources on the topic of 
Covid 19. In this show they share stories and offer clarity about 
recommendations from the CDC, WHO, NIH, and FDA that expose their 
conflicts of interest and sometimes misguided prevention and treatment 


Heated Vaccine Debate - Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz

We fully support and agree with this video!


Americans are Divided on Covid 19


There are two major attitudes that Americans have about Covid 19. The 

first attitude is made of those people who watch the news on TV and 
believe what the CDC, NIH, FDA, and WHO report. People in this group 
follow all the rules recommended by government mandates and respect the 
lockdown, wear a mask whenever outside, maintain social distancing, and 
wash their hands frequently. People in the second group have serious 
reservations about these mandates and many practice peaceful, civil 
disobedience by not following them. Dr. Len and Francesco respectfully 
discuss the reasons why people in each group are adamant about taking 
one side or another. They believe that by following our deep intuitive 
inclinations we can join together to take the right action that can help 
bring us back into unity.


Psychological Challenges of Covid 19


There is so much conflicting and disinformation about Covid 19 that it 

is near impossible for the average person to know the truth about its 
impact on America. It is difficult enough even for doctors who have 
spent hundreds of hours studying Covid 19 to know this. This coupled 
with the conflicts of interest of the FDA, CDC, NIH, and WHO adds 
tremendously to the difficulty in knowing the true story. Dr. Len and 
Francesco look at this from the multiple perspectives that include 
families, patients, healthcare workers and the governmental 
organizations that regulate the management of Covid 19. They go on to 
address the holistic and spiritual aspects of what is happening and how 
we can make some sense out of what is happening.


Follow Your Heart and Just say No!


We intuitively know what is right and what action needs to be taken that follows. The problem is that we don't always trust what we intuit. There is so much controversy in what is happening in the world today regarding Covid 19 and its consequences that many of us can't hear our inner voice that is trying to guide us. It is at times like this that we need to connect with that guiding light or resonance that is screaming at us to listen to what it is saying!

You can eavesdrop on Dr. Len and Francesco as they share their ideas and stories about how to get back on track and pay attention to your inner voice.


Reuniting America in a Time of Great Stress


America is being divided into parts that are often adversary and competitive. We cannot solve many of the problems we're now facing such as Covid 19 and Black Lives Matter unless we unite and work together as one country. At the present time are challenged with biologic, economic, personal, cyber and civil wars, each of which is sapping our strength and ability to focus on. Dr. Len and Francesco are back in action and will discuss what it will take to reclaim our power and solve these problems.


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