Science, Spirituality and Covid 19 and Where we are Now!

submitted by: admin on 08/07/2020

We are learning that we cannot trust the information, recommendations, 

and mandates of our government when it comes to Covid 19. There is an abundance of misinformation that changes over time and often makes no sense. We are depending on a test for diagnosis that is far from accurate, data on theprevalence and mortality that is simply fake, and a plan to rely on a vaccine that is highly unlikely to be either effective or safe. In the midst of all this, there are treatments being recommended by qualified MDs on the front lines that are not only being denied funding for research but also being censored by the FDA, CDC, NIH, and WHO as well as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and DropBox.

Dr. Len and Francesco cut through this confusion and suggest the solutions we've learned from Sweden, where there never was a lockdown or requirement to wear a mask, and from Germany, that just had a demonstration of 17,000 citizens who refused to wear a mask, participate in a lockdown or practice social distancing. The world is slowly waking 
up to what is happening and is starting to rebuild the community and sensibility that we need to say no to the tyrannical mandates of our governments. We are in both a civil and spiritual war against our government.




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