The Choices We Can Make About Covid 19

submitted by: admin on 09/11/2020

We can and must make choices about our destiny, especially when it comes to the mandates about Covid 19. We must not acquiesce to lockdowns, face masks, or social distancing. We don't have to take the vaccine for Covid 19. We are not bound by the mandates of the FDA, CDC, NIH, or WHO. Time is running out and we cannot continue to be victims. What we can do is abandon fear and look within and follow our heartfelt inner voice that is connected with spirit. We can also stop watching television that no longer reports the news and focuses on presenting editorials with political messaging. We can pay attention to the recent action of millions of peacefully dissenting people in Berlin and London who are refusing the lockdowns, face masks, and social distancing. It is time to standup as citizens of American and make the choices we know are right for us.


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