The Psychology of Covid 19

submitted by: admin on 08/11/2020

Most of us don't have a good understanding of Covid 19 or how it is being played to create havoc in the world. It isn't easy to understand the science of Covid 19 or the actions that are being imposed on us by our government and possibly the deep state. The separation mandating masks, lockdowns, and social distancing is only one aspect how we're being manipulated. This is compounded by outright misinformation from our government agencies that is so absurd that we're losing our trust in them. We're getting mixed messages from the CDC, FDA, NIH, and WHO that have resulted in frustration and fear. At the same time we're becoming more and more confused by inconsistent mandates and lies about the possible treatment for Covid 19, the continuing lockdown that is bankrupting the country, and our loss of civil rights. Unless we unite from the grass roots of our country and say no to the absurd mandates that are regulating our freedom, it won't be long before we'll be living in a fascist government.




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