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A Return To Healing Chapter 9: The Imperative of Health Care Reform

submitted by: admin on 05/08/2015
The catastrophe of health care cost is sustained by Big Pharma and the insurance industry. Shifting to wellness and prevention and health care for every American is sensible but challenging because the powerful financial tentacles of big business.. True health care reform requires medical freedom and a model where service becomes the metric for success, not return...

America is Waking Up!

submitted by: admin on 09/15/2020
Until just a few weeks ago America has not only lived in chaos but also  responded with fear that has divided us. Yet we have found that chaos is  the precursor to change. And changing we are! As the truth of what has  emerged in the Covid 19 plandemic and in the hijacked marches for Black  Lives Matter, "we the people" are...


submitted by: admin on 12/23/2020
During these challenging times the choices we make are critical in  determining not only our own destiny but also that of America herself.  It is time to re-access our values and do so with integrity and  authenticity. If we can embrace the chaos of today's world we can flip  us out of the stagnation that is presently holding us...

The Beginning is Here with Dixon de Lena

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
Cultural creatives come to life when they become more than interesting thoughts. There has been a turning point where people are taking action. The Wellness City Challenge in Walnut Creek is a great example.        

The Great Hijacking of Humanity

submitted by: admin on 08/07/2020
The Great Hijacking of Humanity Humanity is being hijacked by our own government, the deep state, and possibly other nefarious sources. We've all but lost our democracy and are speeding towards fascism. Our freedom of speech and the press have been compromised as censorship is becoming commonplace and medical mandates are being imposed...

The Psychology of Covid 19

submitted by: admin on 08/11/2020
Most of us don't have a good understanding of Covid 19 or how it is being played to create havoc in the world. It isn't easy to understand the science of Covid 19 or the actions that are being imposed on us by our government and possibly the deep state. The separation mandating masks, lockdowns, and social distancing is only one aspect...

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