Moderna Entanglements

submitted by: admin on 09/08/2020

With all that is happening in the world today, it is paramount to stay 
centered and remain positive. We're all in this together and the only 
way out is together! With the exposure of what the pharmaceutical 
company, Moderna, is getting, it is becoming very clear that the NIH, 
CDC, FDA, WHO, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and others are complicit in 
creating this plandemic and in treasonous acts that are destroying the 
world's economy as well as its health. Dr. Len and Francesco report 
information that makes it completely clear that there was awareness of 
this plandemic for years prior to its actual occurrence and that Moderna 
is swindling its investors.


Here’s Dr. Carrie Madej warning about the genetic consequences of the mRNA vaccine:

The thing is, we already know how to beat the Wuhan coronavirus. A recent event called “Pandemic Town Hall” documented the simple solutions that are working to save lives and beat the infections using simple drugs and nutrients.

Trump would do much better for America, it seems, by listening to the complementary medicine community and advocating nutrients like zinc, quercetin, green tea extract and vitamin D rather than risky, experimental vaccines that have skipped safety trials.

For honest, accurate reporting on COVID-19, vaccines and medical ethics, read, which has been proven correct again and again about the corruption of the FDA, CDC and greed-driven vaccine industry. Thanks to Mike Adams, "The Heath Ranger" for this information!


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