Brain Health Introduction

submitted by: admin on 09/24/2017

Len Saputo, MD interviews Francesco Garri Garripoli of WujiTech on brain health and how we often don't realize that the body, brain and mind are one and inseparable. Brainwave feedback reveals this connection and much of medicine is based on this relationship. WujiTech is an example of a company doing cutting edge work in this field and their WujiBrainwave app provides deep insight in this emerging area of prevention and health measurement.

At least 70% of all illnesses, according to the National Institutes of Health in Washington DC are related to stress, and all illnesses are related the mind body interrelationship. 

Major advances in measuring brain waves and applying the technology of neurofeedback have made it possible to change our brainwave patterns from those causing stress, depression, and poor attention to more functional patterns that can result in joy, happiness, inner calm and increased focus and attention. 

This video discusses how measuring brainwave output will soon be as common for personal healthcare and performance optimization - and as critical - as measuring blood pressure, weight, or blood glucose levels is now in routine health maintenance.

An introduction to brain health (Video)

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