Do You Need a Brain Scan if You Have Headaches

submitted by: admin on 04/03/2014

According to an article out of the Univerity of Michigan Medical Center that was published in March of 2014 in the journal, Internal Medicine, we spend about a billion dollars a year for unnecessary brain scans (MRIs and CT scans) on people who have headaches. Their research showed that the incidence of brain tumors, brain aneurysms, and AV malformations is no different in people with headaches than those without! 

Dr. Len feels that it is possible to reduce or eliminate headache pain in 80-90% of headache sufferers using a combination of chiropractic, acupuncture, infrared light therapy (photonic stimulation) and hypnotherapy. Most of the people he sees in his office with a headache have relief within 5 minutes. While this sounds like an outrageous claim, this is nonetheless what he's found. For more information about infrared light therapy, click here



Do You Need a Brain Scan if You Have Headaches? (Video)

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