Geoffrey Marx, NC

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Geoffrey Marx, NC
Certified Nutrition Consultant
and a Recommended Health Coach by Dr. Saputo


Geoffrey is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Educator. He is a graduate of Bauman College in Berkeley, Ca., and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from San Francisco State University. Geoffrey is currently on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, serving as editor of their trade publication, the Nutrition Professional’s Journal. He is also on the Executive Council of the Health Medicine Forum, a local integrative health organization. Geoffrey sees clients with a wide range of health issues in his private practice, which is based on biochemical individuality, whole foods and conscious eating. Additionally, he works as a natural food chef at the Bauman College Vitality Retreats. Geoffrey is committed to raising preventive health consciousness inour disease-promoting culture through word, thought and deed.

Consultations Include

· Comprehensive health history evaluation
· Current diet analysis
· Specific dietary recommendations based on clinical research, peer-reviewed studies and time-honored traditions
· Emphasis on natural, seasonal, slow foods
· Healthy recipes and cooking methods
· Targeted selection of supplements
· Excellent referrals when appropriate
· Practical tools for real change

Areas of Focus

· Optimal digestion
· Immune function
· Stress, fatigue and depression
· Blood sugar regulation
· Detoxification
· Cardiovascular health
· Muscular-Skeletal degeneration
· Nutrition for kids (of all ages)
· Weight management
· Addiction recovery
· Food allergies and sensitivities
· Conscious eating


Maintaining good health can be a challenge. Each person has unique characteristics based on their genetic predisposition, ancestry, environment and lifestyle. With detailed, individualized assessments, we can determine which dietary and lifestyle choices will put you on the path to wellness. Natural foods, cooked with Love have have powerful therapeutic value and are the foundation of healing. Transform the mealtime into a sacred space for reflection, laughter and gratitude.


Geoffrey Marx is a Recommended Health Coach by Dr. Saputo for The link below leads to media files that are in the library that were done with Geoffrey.


Geoffry Marx

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