GMO Crops Must be Immediately Outlawed

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013


GMO foods are dangerous and should be outlawed immediately. Longterm studies in mice show a high incidence of breast cancer as well as serious kidney and liver disorders. The problem with the research done by Monsanto and DuPont  that has been done is that they are all relatively short term and it takes many years for disease to develop when caused by GMO food.

GMO foods are created when new DNA is attached to a virus and injected into a plant or animal. This genetic information becomes incorporated into the genes of the organism and changes its physiology. In medicine, gene therapy offers great promise to people who cannot make insulin and other hormones, clotting factors for hemophiliacs, and enzymes that are genetically absent. It also offers hope to people with Parkinson's disease, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis and many other diseases.

In agriculture GMO foods are untested and should not be allowed into the food supply until they have been proven to be safe in animals first. The FDA does nothing to regulate GMO foods and the companies producing them are irresponsible because their only interest is return on investment. These same companies touted the safety of DDT and agent orange a couple of decades ago.

Proposition 37 is on the California ballot this October and will make it necessary for GMO companies to post on the food label that GMO food is present if it is. They have spend millions of dollars to stop this measure. Vote yes on prop 37!

GMO Crops Must be Immediately Outlawed (Video)

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