High Blood Sugar, Elastin, Ferroelectricity and Aging

submitted by: admin on 09/24/2013


Ferroelectricity is the response of a molecule to switch from a positive to a negative charge and is necessary to maintain the elasticity of elastin, a protein that gives elasticity to tissues such as blood vessels as well as heart and lung tissue. Ferroelasticity of elastin is lost when blood sugar levels rise and this causes it to lose about 50% of its elastic properties that allow blood vessels to transmit a pulse, and heart, lung, and other tissues to stretch.

This concept is a new additional explanation for the development of a process called glycation, which leads to damaging proteins that cause nerves and blood vessels require to work properly. When blood sugar levels rise above 170, an enzyme called aldose reductase becomes active and converts sugar into sorbitol, which is toxic to our tissues and causes many of the complications of poorly controlled diabetes. 



High Blood Sugar, Elastin, Ferroelectricity and Aging (Video)

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