High Dose Statins Associated with Increased Risk of Diabetes

submitted by: admin on 09/24/2013

A meta-analysis showed that high dose statin therapy as primary prevention caused an increased risk for type 2 diabetes. The article published in JAMA goes on to say that treatment of 32,000 non-diabetics with 5 years high dose statin treatment caused 149 more cases of type 2 diabetes, but 416 fewer cardiovascular events.This is a very misleading journal article that JAMA should be ashamed of itself for publishing. It gives the idea that primary prevention with high dose statins is a good idea. Hogwash! They fail to mention that 80 people need to be treated for 5 years with this regimen to prevent one MI and save no lives. They also fail to mention that there are many other side effects of statins that need to be calculated into the equation before leaving the reader with the thought that high dose statins are a good idea for everyone!


High Dose Statins Associated with Increased Risk of Diabetes (Video)

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