How Efficiently Does Your Body Use Oxygen

submitted by: admin on 10/22/2018

Oxygen utilization is different from how much oxygen we take in when we breathe. We can take in 100% oxygen and still not have normal oxygen utilization at the mitochondrial level if our mitochondria are not functioning properly. In an article published in the May 2014 issue of The Townsend Letter, Dr. Frank Shallenberger explains that if our oxygen utilization is normal, we have to be healthy! All chronic diseases are associated with diminished oxygen utilization and impaired ATP production. 

The ratio of oxygen we consume to carbon dioxide produced is called the Energy Quotient (EQ). Dr. Shallenberger reports that he has never seen anyone with an EQ of 100% come down with any disease in more than 12,000 patient studies. He also points out that oxygen utilization is an extremely sensitive marker for health because almost any abnormality will disrupt it; and that is the reason why this test is so useful. Everyone would benefit from knowing how well their body produces ATP. There is a lot that can be done to restore abnormal mitochondrial function and energy production. 


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