Managing Isolated Systolic Hypertension

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Isolated systolic hypertension (ISH) is the result of stiffening of the arteries. ISH is different in its cause from humoral or diastolic hypertension in that humoral hypertension is the result of vasoconstriction of arteries from stress and other hormones; it is reversible to a point whereas ISH is the end result of advanced arteriosclerosis whereas humoral hypertension is reversible in its early stages and is treatable with many different classes of drugs and other therapies.

It is easy and inexpensive to measure vascular stiffness. ISH is much more likely to cause end organ failure of the heart, brain, kidneys, and peripheral vascular system. I you have high blood pressure, it is a good idea to do an ambulatory blood pressure test, which now also include measuring vascular stiffness.





Managing Isolated Systolic Hypertension (Video)

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