Minerals that Help in Diabetes

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013

Both chromium and vanadium improve insulin sensitivity and are valuable adjuncts to treating type 2 diabetes. Measuring the insulin level is very important and tips us off, even in the presence of a normal blood sugar level, that pre-diabetes or the metabolic syndrome is present. Chromium must be used at dosages of 1000 micrograms per day to be effective. Meats, whole grains, apples, and certain veggies like broccoli and potatoes are rich sources of chromium. Vanadium may help put on muscle mass and control blood sugar a little. The dosage of vanadium is 250 micrograms per day. Magnesium is another mineral that is important to replace. There is an obligatory loss of magnesium in type 2 diabetes that sets up a greater need for magnesium replacement. We need magnesium to catalyze about 300 biochemical reactions in the body.

Minerals that Help in Diabetes (Audio)

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