Occupy Wall Street Requires Both Revolution and Evolution

submitted by: admin on 10/12/2013

Occupy Wall Street is growing and global. The poor and middle classes are beyond outrage and are creating a revolution. The major issues are how do we take back democracy and how do we share the wealth of the land. The 1% is not happy with what they have and it is not enough that we no longer have a voice, that unemployment is devastatingly serious, that we have major disparaties in health care, and so much more. The 99% are saying, "No more!"

Revolution is what is fueling this movement. I support it. Yet we need something more than revolution. We must also evolve to a higher level of consciousness where the oneness of the universe is understood and supported...yes that includes the bad guys! We must evolve to a place where materialism is important but where giving, sharing, and loving come before materialism.

We must also not foget the powerful role of the Federal Reserve...it is totally corrupt, has no responsibility to we the people, and has managed to own America. Perhaps we should consider defaulting on this loan and reinvent a monetary system of our own that is built on a gold/silver standard and is owned by our own US government.


Occupy Wall Street Requires Both Revolution and Evolution (Video)

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