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Can Giving Improve Your Health?

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
  The act of giving not only feels good but is good for your biochemistry, physiology, overall health and longevity! How much of this is related to the feel good hormone, oxytocin, and how much is related to doing a good deed? Giving oxytocin to people leads to their being more giving and feeling happier. Studies on volunteers over 30 years show...

Conversations with Meir Schneider

submitted by: admin on 06/09/2023
Deep commitment and hard work can solve health problems that are often deemed hopeless. Spiritual practice can be the belief that the body has the power to self heal. Loving relationships are a strong tool for healing.

Finding Balance in Life with Lee Lipsenthal, MD

submitted by: admin on 06/01/2014
  Balancing work, family, health, friends, and spirit. Work is a rubber ball and the others are made of glass. Balance ultimately comes from the heart. You cannot give what you don't have, and love is what is involved. Technology has led to much of what has unbalanced us. Take time for yourself; quiet time. Be playful and get and give enough love;...

Good Relationships are Important for Health and Healing

submitted by: admin on 06/09/2023
What is the point of having perfect functionality and not knowing what our purpose is. We forget too often that relationships are the most important purpose we have in life. Scientific studies show that elderly people are far healthier if they are engaged in something that helps other people. Of course, this works for people of all ages.

Loving is for Giving with Emmett Miller, MD

submitted by: admin on 06/09/2023
Love is for giving! Awakening the leader within rather than taking commands from the outside is critical. We are deluged by commands that discourage authenticity. We must realize who we are on the inside. Who am I is the question. Letting go of attachments of what other say is the key. Be present, don't deify the mind!

Occupy Wall Street Requires Both Revolution and Evolution

submitted by: admin on 10/12/2013
Occupy Wall Street is growing and global. The poor and middle classes are beyond outrage and are creating a revolution. The major issues are how do we take back democracy and how do we share the wealth of the land. The 1% is not happy with what they have and it is not enough that we no longer have a voice, that unemployment is devastatingly serious, that we have...

Orgone Therapy with Richard Blasband, MD

submitted by: admin on 06/09/2023
Orgone is the life energy as described by Wilhelm Reich. Treatment with orgone therapy is about moving orgone to heal. The way in which people do things rather than what they do is key, esecially if it leads to blocking orgone energy. The challenge is to convince people to change the way they do what they do. The example given has to do with the way we make...

Reciprocity and the Spirit of Christmas with Phillip Scott, MA

submitted by: admin on 06/09/2023
There are similar values between Christianity and the Native Way that Chief Black Horse shares. Christ is regarded as an awakened warrior who was a peace keeper and protector.

Shamanic Therapy: Healing the Wound of Separation

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
Shamonic therapy is looking at the wound of separation; it is the return to wholeness. The shaman is the midwife who travels to the other world and brings back healing to the world. When we're separated from our truth we need help. Finding purpose in life depends on being authentic. Tools of the shaman include being involved in loving, giving, sharing, and...

Social Belonging: Lessons from Bhutan with Meg Jordan, PhD, RN

submitted by: admin on 06/09/2023
Gross national happiness is the mantra of Bhutan that looks at the principles of interdependency, cultural preservation, cultural integrity, ecological and stewardness, and ecological sustainability. No one should achieve material wealth at the expense of others. We need training in the US to redefine success from something personal to providing service. We are...

The Challenge of Finding Purpose with Dixon de Lena

submitted by: admin on 06/09/2023
          The integration of business, planet and society is a clear need for today's culture. Living a life of service brings up important questions about what we're doing today. The economic trap makes it difficult to focus on purpose. Most of us look for purpose that satisfies conventional standards of living. Living an authentic...

The Necessity for Social Transformation

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
Without social transformation we cannot evolve to a much needed evolutionary change where we are committed to service and the development of true community historically based on self-centered narcissistic greed and survival of the fittest. John Renesch is a social entrepreneur who has published 14 books and hundreds of articles on organizational and social...

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior with Arya Bhardwaj

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
Life is about giving, not taking, and about being peaceful, not violent. This gives us the basis for the developent of community. Gandhi introduced this non-violent approach for political and social transformation. Showing by example offers the possibility for learning through inspiration.          

What is Love?

submitted by: admin on 09/20/2014
  Love is wanting another person to be happy. It is unconditional. Most of what we call love is meeting our own needs and is a form of self love. Love is not just a personal emotional experience. Generally, we appreciate somone when they make us feel good. However, this is not loving them, we're loving their satisfaction of our needs. Making...

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