Resolving the Change, America Needs with Jared Dalen and Len Saputo MD

submitted by: admin on 06/18/2020

Resolving the Change, America Needs with Jared Dalen and Dr. Len Saputo MD


Tonight is the beginning of a new era for The Voice of Reason. Until now, Dr. Len has focused on the science behind Covid 19 and the perspective of how the mainstream medical news has analyzed it. What has 
emerged from this information that seems isolated and disjointed, is seems confusing, however, after months of analysis turns out to be an underlying highly organized attack on the fabric of America that is 
Tonight Dr. Len will interview Jared Dalen who is an astute 
student of what has been happening over the past several months that is related to Covid 19 as well as Black Lives Matter


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