Safe Household Products

submitted by: admin on 08/04/2014

There are about 17,000 chemicals in common household products and few are tested for safety or tested before they are put on the store shelves. The terms on the labels (organic, natural) are unregulated.  

Commercial cleaners are polluting our homes and contributing to the rise in chronic diseases including asthma and allergies because they weaken our immune systems. Similar to cosmetics, they can contain carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, allergens, etc.

Everyday products like bleach, disinfectants, fire retardants, furniture polish, non-stick cookware, aerosol sprays, sanitizers with triclosan or triclocarbon and air fresheners, among others, can be making you sick by polluting the air in your home and office contributing to the “sick building syndrome”.

Vicki offers healthy non-toxic solutions and suggestions for healthy alternatives so that your home can be your “safe haven”.

She also recommends Beth Greer’s book, “Supernatural Home” and Debra Lynn Dadd’s book, “Home Safe Home” for more on this topic.

Safe Household Products (Video)

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