The Best Heart Screening Tests with Beverly Rubik

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013


There are a number of new tests that are not in the mainstream that take assessment of arteriosclerosis to a higher level. By measuring the pulse wave in a finger we can assess the state of vascular arteriosclerosis in the heart and brain and even reverse the amount of plaque with interesting supplements. This simple and affordable test needs to be brought forward into medicine as a screening test at an early age and as a preoperative screening test as well.

A second test, called heart rate variability, is also very inexpensive, safe, and predictive of heart attacks, stroke, and all cause mortality. It assesses the sympathetic and parasympathetic balance as well. It predicts the heart's ability to adapt to different needs.





The Best Heart Screening Tests with Beverly Rubik (Audio)

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