What is Meditation?

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013

There is a great distinction about meditation as it is taught in our culture as a relaxation technique, as another form of therapy or an "upper class Valium." It is a path of inquiry, self understanding, and a method by which we return to the center of our being to discover the essence of the truth in our life and the essence of the beauty of existence in the goodness of heart.

Meditation is about self knowledge and with learning about the self so one can dispell the misunderstandings, unawareness and confusion that leads to lives lived with a great deal of emotional affliction.

The meditative state is being in the moment, so the training of meditation is a process of removing all of the obstacles so we can actually see and experience the nature of ourself, which is natually still, quiet, peaceful and loving. This process needs to be integrated into our daily lives. 

What is Meditation? (Video)

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