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Acupuncture, Hypnosis and Infrared Light Work to Quit Smoking

submitted by: admin on 05/07/2015
A review of 14 studies was published in the American Journal of Medicine in May of 2012 showing that acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and infrared light therapy are effective in helpling quit smoking. Nonetheless, the authors recommended that people try drugs and behavioral therapy first. What are they thinking!! The non-drug approaches work better and are far less...

ADD/ADHD: What are They?

submitted by: admin on 05/08/2015
The clinical characteristics of these conditions and their treatment are presented. Kids and adults suffer from three common factors: distractibility, impulsivity, and disruptive behavior are classic. Management of ADD/ADHD through drug and nutritional therapies and the importance of emotional support is discussed.                

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder vs Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

submitted by: admin on 11/24/2019
New research shows that children's risk for learning and behavior problems and obesity rises in correlation to their level of trauma exposure. These findings should encourage physicians to consider diagnosing PTSD rather than ADD/ADHD, which can have similar symptoms to PTSD, but the treatment is very different. A Stanford University study examined kids...

Cell Phone Use in Pregnancy Associated with Behavioral Disorders

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
Yale researchers exposed mice to a muted, silenced, cell phone for all 19 days of their pregnancy and found that there were changes in the brain similar to what is seen in ADHD. The offspring had hyperactivity and less memory. Data on cell phone health issues is slowly surfacing. It may be related to brain tumors and a variety of behavioral disorders.    

Gut Microbes, Brain Chemistry, and Behavior

submitted by: admin on 03/24/2014
The microflora of the gut have more metabolic activity than any organ system in the human body. They live in a complex ecosystem that consists of trillions of microbes with which we live in a critical symbiosis. Studies in mice show that when they are treated with oral antibiotics their behavior can change from outgoing and curious to passive and withdrawn. As...

Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet with Emmett Miller, MD

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
The vast majority of illnesses are changeable with our thought processes. Your experience of health is related to how you process information. Conflict is what leads to disease. The bipolar universe encourages conflict. Being present and oneness lead to love and connection and compassion for all things. The new paradigm honors unity.          

Life Support: When Should It Be Stopped?

submitted by: admin on 07/24/2024
Being authentic requires listening to our inner voice, not necessarily our impulses. Being open to listening to these instincts is often foreign to accepted consensus. Steve tells us a fascinating story of how he learned this.

Neurobehavioral Pain Management with John Leonard, PhD

submitted by: admin on 10/12/2013
The effect of the mind on pain is profound. Neurobehavioral pain management is related to working with the neural links between nerve cells that operate unconsciously. A feedback system allows the body to reflexively become the basis for pain relief. It is possible to witness your pain and have it turn off by itself.            

Not Being Fed When We're Hungry as Infants with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 10/12/2013
One of the earliest challenges in life is frustration is about not being fed when hungry. This can feel like death to an infant; it becomes a life or death issue. This old behavior pattern can lead to overeating later in life.

SSRI Antidepressants are Risky in Pregnancy

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
  The October 31, 2012 issue of Human Reproduction published an article from Harvard and Tufts Medical Centers stating that SSRI antidepressants should not be used in pregnancy because they lead to worsened pregnancy outcomes, have not been shown to be of benefit, and are massively overused in clinical practice. This family of drugs is associated with...

The Importance of Dads

submitted by: admin on 12/16/2013
Scientists from the Research Institute of McGill University Health Center published an article in the journal, Cerebral Cortex, in December of 2013 showing that the absence of the father during critical growth periods leads to impaired social and behavioral defects in mice. Surprisingly, mice are ideal for a study like this because they are raised by...

Treating Frailty with Testosterone

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
  As we get older, especially men who are frail, testosterone replacement is a consideration to improve muscle strength and balance. Exercise, of course, is the best way to increase muscle strength and balance because it naturally increases growth hormone and testosterone levels. Overdoing testosterone levels can be a problem with aggressive behavior...

Using Your Mind to Regulate Pain with John Leonard

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
It is possible to use our mind to regulate pain. By using special techniques it is possible to turn off the sadness, anger, and other emotions it can help us function with less pain. Neurobehavioral behaviors can be modulated to relieve pain.            

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