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Does Smoking Cause Weight Gain

submitted by: admin on 11/24/2014
Many people fear quitting smoking because they fear gaining weight. We've all seen this happen. But, does smoking cause weight gain?  To the surprise of many, smoking does cause weight gain. Quitting smoking also causes weight gain!  A study from BYU published in the November 2014 issue of the American Journal of Physiology documents...

Should we Ban Celebrity Endorsements?

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
  A study in the March issue of the Journal of Pediatrics out of the University of Liverpool showed that celebrity endorsements worked very well on 181 kids between the ages of 8-11 when it came to preferring a certain brand of cereal. However, celebrities endorse many products they know little about. Why do we trust them? Should you believe either...

Smoking and Breast Cancer

submitted by: admin on 09/30/2023
Post menopausal women who smoke or used to smoke have a 16% higher risk of developing breast cancer and there is a study that also says that women who have had extensive exposure to passive smoking, either as a child or as an adult, may also have an excess risk of developing breast cancer.  There are many more things that can also increase your risk, such...

The Electronic or the E Cigarette

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
As a child I remember walking down to the corner convenience store to buy a candy treat. In my time you could take a quarter and buy a candy bar and get change. If you wanted to look cool, you might buy the white candy cigarettes with the pink tip and pretend to puff your way home. This candy in the shape of a cigarett is legal and always has been. Since...

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