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Can We Trust Mainstream Medical Therapies

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
We have a strong faith that medicine is scientific and accurate. Whoever funds a clinical trial has a conflict of interest because profit is their motive and they have an investment in it coming out a certain way. Big pharma protects their investments and spend an enormous amount of money trying to convince MDs to use their products. They are a major funder of...

Cosmetic Ingredient Review by the FDA with Stacy Malkan

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
  The cosmetic trade association does cosmetic ingredient reviews. The organization is composed of cosmetic manufacturers and people who they select to review their products for safety issues. The conflict of interest has led to a very poor job and for the most part this industry is not adequately regulated; the fox is guarding the hen house. There are...

Doctors and Dying Patients

submitted by: admin on 09/20/2013
Doctors are poorly trained to take care of dying patients. There is a time for scientific excellence and also for listening and caring. Compassion, attentiveness, respect, and empathy are required for a healing relationship. Dealing with death and dying is a very important issue. For some this is an overwhelming problem and for others it can be a time to...

Does Aspirin Save Lives?

submitted by: admin on 02/18/2015
Despite a lot of excitement about aspirin, scientists can't seem to agree on whether it helps healthy people live longer and suffer from fewer heart attacks and strokes. Published studies in the mainstream medical journals on the same nine studies included in a metaanalysis differ. The study published by the Bayer Aspirin people showed a benefit. The study...

Does Tamiflu Work?

submitted by: admin on 09/20/2013
  The World Health Organization and the CDC class Tamiflu as an essential drug and many countries have stockpiled the drug at great expense. However, in a recent article in the Public Library of Science, this premise is being challenged. Roche Pharmaceuticals has refused to release the scientific research related to this question. The public is paying...

Freedom Through Kinesiology with Richard Richman

submitted by: admin on 04/23/2024
"Motion" and "study of" are the ingredients of kinesiology. By testing muscles it is possible to assess organ function because they are interrelated. There will be a muscle weakness when there is organ dysfunction. Applied kinesiology is applying what you know about movement to organ function. You can make a diagnosis based on muscle weakness, and it is possible...


submitted by: admin on 09/24/2013
  There has been a recent challenge in England about whether or not homeopathy was scientifically based and there is a movement to ban it from medical practice. It still remains a very popular treatment in England and many other places in the world. Whatever "science" does not understand it tends to throw out; this is not a scientific approach....

Intuition Medicine with Francesca McCartney, PhD

submitted by: admin on 10/09/2013
This science based subspecialty of energy medicine is used to help self healing. We are all intuitive and our intuition can be cultivated through training. If we listen to our inner voice we can access our higher healing power.            

Placebo Effect with Ofer Erez

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
In medicine we throw out the effect of placebo. However, it is safe, affordable, powerful treatment that works! What we believe has potent biochemical and physiological effects. Ethics of placebo are discussed too.              


submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
This interesting derivative from cane sugar has the ability to lower total cholesterol, LDL, and raise HDL. Studies documenting its effects are reviewed and information on its use revealed.          

Some Doctors are Firing Patients Who Refuse Immunizations

submitted by: admin on 10/19/2019
Many pediatricians are firing patients and their families if they refuse vaccines for their children! Two studies on this subject showed that 20-30% of pediatricians have fired patient because of this. Patients are beginning to do their own research about the validity of immunizations and there is clearly room for controversy. Yet our pediatricians simply follow...

Stereo Mammograms

submitted by: admin on 10/16/2013
Taking a double set of mammograms allows radiologists to see the breast in 3D. However, there is twice the radiation and no clear evidence that they do better than digital mammograms. The pros and cons are discussed.            

Stress Management and its Effect on Cancer

submitted by: admin on 10/16/2013
  Does stress management help people with cancer? It is clear that stress management helps everyone. Whether or not we can prove a beneficial effect on cancer depends on how a study is done. Hope, placebo, and positive attitude are a good things whether or not it helps the cancer itself.          

The Gap Between Good Science and Dogma

submitted by: admin on 04/23/2024
We make a lot assumptions based on superficial observations that have become accepted without scientific rigor. Policy by proclamation is not scientific. We must have funding from NIH for some of this research.

The Hydroxychloroquine Scandal

submitted by: admin on 06/06/2020
The Hydroxychloroquine Scandal Dr. Len shares the scandal originally published by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, and The Guardian, on the hydroxychloroquine articles published in the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine on May 22, 2020. These "prestigious" medical journals published articles with data on 96,000 patients hospitalized from...

The Placebo Effect with Ofer Erez

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
  Placebo is powerful treatment that is safe, effective, and affordable. We screen this out in medicine, but this is not good science. Often the effect of a drug or technology is very minor compared to placebo, but we still prescribe the drug. SSRIs are all placebo according to recent studies. What we think has a profound effect on our biochemistry and...

Training Program for Residents Improves Empathy

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
Medical residents lose their empathy for patients over time according to an article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. However, they can regain some of this by taking a short course in empathy that rescusitates this feeling that they had when they went into medicine. Part of this is because of the "scientific" emphasis of their training and...

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