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If you support physicians standing up for their patients’ rights, attorneys fighting to protect doctors from censorship and allowing doctors to practice ethical, scientific, and individualized care of the whole person and believe that the patient-physician relationship is sacred and should be private and protected, then you can help reclaim medicine by joining Physicians and Patients Reclaiming Medicine (PPRM).


                       Reasons to become a member


  • By becoming a member or a donor you will be supporting the doctor- patient relationship by empowering doctors, and (CAM) complementary and alternative practitioners, to advocate for the best treatment and care for their patients.
  • You will be supporting the education of patients by empowering and helping them to advocate for their medical rights.
  • You will be supporting a medical-legal alliance to defend courageous doctors fighting for the rights of their patients. These are doctors who are committed to the principle of first doing no harm in the sacred tradition of the Hippocratic Oath. Doctors will be defended who are currently being threatened, censored, or controlled by pharmaceutical corporations, government agencies, politicians or any who have conflicts of interest. Our medical legal-alliance believes these adverse influences disrupt the doctor patient relationship and harm patient care. 

 By becoming a member, you will not only be giving support to the physician-patient relationship but also supporting our goals of reclaiming medicine.


  • We seek a properly constituted medical board. This board includes conventional physicians as well as complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, who will not be discriminated against. All members who serve, must fully disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
  • This board defends the highest standards of patient care avoiding governmental and pharmaceutical industry influence and coercion based on good science, individual physicians’ clinical experiences, and humanistic values.
  • We employ disciplinary procedures which honor the principles of due process, fairness, and innocence until proven guilty. 
  • We honor the practice of medicine by employing the principle of treating each patient’s inalienable right to receive individualized medical care and treatment of the whole person. We keep in mind that what is good for one person, or many people may not be good for a specific patient.
  • We believe in the value of patient informed consent and the physician-patient partnership.
  • We utilize uncorrupted, unbiased, and established science.
  • We take into account a patient’s specific in medical history, and honoring their particular needs, as well as religious and personal beliefs.
  • We support granting individualized exemptions. We support and defend physicians who grant exemptions from public health mandates, if done consistent with the principles set forth above.
  • We defend the constitutional right of all patients to speak freely. We defend the constitutional right of all physicians to speak freely to their patients and publicly on any topic from a viewpoint that honors the physician-patient relationship.
  • We uphold article 6 of the Nuremberg code. “In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent”.
  • We will defend all physicians and CAM practitioner’s who adhere to the above principles.



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