How Thoughts Affect Our Health and a Vaccine Update

submitted by: admin on 07/28/2020

What we think, feel, and do have profound effects on our biochemistry, physiology, and health. They modulate our neurotransmitters, hormones, immunity and much more. There's little that is unaffected by our thoughts, feelings, and actions. This approach can make the difference of how our bodies are able to respond to Covid 19. Dr. Len and Francesco delve into analogies between these biological effects and quantum physics. They also connect these concepts of placebo and nocebo into the conversation. 

They go on to discuss the absurdness of what is happening with the railroading of a ridiculous Covid 19 vaccine by Moderna, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, CDC, and the WHO with grandiose misinformation and what appears to be malintention of the human race. The sadest part of this conspiracy is that there is a long waiting list of people who think they are doing a patriotic thing by volunteering to participate in Moderna's research study for their Covid 19 vaccine
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