Human Flourishing with Elliott Dacher, MD

submitted by: admin on 10/08/2013

Human flourishing means achieving optimal well-being that includes a luminosity and presence, aliveness, vitality, enjoyment that can exist in all phases of life that include aging, disease, and death. It is not possible to enjoy health when you are part of a profoundly sick society! Our challenge is to learn to be in the moment and not be preoccupied to worry, planning, thinking and fearing that is remembering the past or worrying about the future. We are born with the ability to be in the moment and we are trained, unfortunately, to leave that space and become engaged in the values of the culture that don't serve us very well. The culture rewards our intellect and cognitive processes, and an educational system that supports achievement by how much we can think and accomplish. This leads to suffering rather than happiness and explains much of why most of humanity is depressed.



Human Flourishing (Video)

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