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Hypertension is caused most of the time by lifestyle habits that can be improved to make a major difference in your blood pressure. Mainstream medicine looks to the quick fix with an array of anti-hypertensive drugs that can work, but at the price of a multitude of known and unknown side effects that can be disabling or even lifethreatening. Most people with hypertension can get off of their drugs if they will adopt a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Saputo recommends getting started with lifestyle, dietary changes, and supplements to start the process of lowering your blood pressure.

Hypertension Overview


Are you one of the millions of people who have hypertension?  Would you be surprised to find out that you may be a candidate for simple lifestyle changes that can get you off medication?

This overview of hypertension defines what it is, how to diagnose it, its complications, causes, and treatment. Hypertension is often over-diagnosed when taken in the doctor's office; home blood pressures are far more reliable. Pre-hypertension is defined and possible solutions for mild hypertension are offered. It is not usually a lifelong disease and lifestyle changes including diet and exercise can help.


Hypertension Overview


Hypertension: Do You Have It?


Hypertension is often over-diagnosed when taken in the doctor's office; home blood pressures are far more reliable. Pre-hypertension is defined and possible solutions for mild hypertension are offered. It is not usually a lifelong disease and much can be done to get you off medication after you've learned to live a healthy lifestyle.





Hypertension: Do You Have It?


Hypertension: Using Lifestyle to Manage It


Hypertension does not have to be permanent. It is related to the style in which we live our lives and we can modify that. Underlying causes and tools for treatment are described.






Hypertension: Using Lifestyle to Manage It


When is a Drug the Best Treatment for Hypertension?


Over the years the way we evaluate and treat for hypertension has changed considerably. There has been a tendency to treat blood pressures that are greater than 140/90, but new data published in the January issue of the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that for people over the age of 60 suggests that BPs of 150/90 should no longer be treated with drugs. 

Of course, everyone with hypertension should be advised to live a healthy lifestyle because it can control about 90% of all cases of hypertension by itself. Drugs should be reserved when a good try at lifestyle strategies such as as diet, exercise, stress reduction, getting sufficient sleep, weighing what we should, and avoidance of toxic environmental chemicals. All patented drugs interfere with normal cell biochemistry and most have "side effects" that can cause disturbing symptoms. 


When is a Drug the Best Treatment for Hypertension?

How to Assess Your Blood Pressure


The best way to assess your blood pressure is to take multiple home readings. This is more accurate than taking blood pressures in the doctor's office because of the "white coat syndrome." Many people are treated for high blood pressure and don't have it a all! Overtreatment leads to complications from medications as well as hypotension (low BP). It is also a good idea to titrate BP medicines to home values on a daily basis.

We also know that if there is more than a 10 mm of Hg difference in BP between the left and right arm, the risk for a complication of high BP goes up dramatically. BPs should be measured at least one time in both arms simultaneously.


How to Assess Your Bloodpressure


Managing Isolated Systolic Hypertension


Isolated systolic hypertension (ISH) is the result of stiffening of the arteries. ISH is different in its cause from humoral or diastolic hypertension in that humoral hypertension is the result of vasoconstriction of arteries from stress and other hormones; it is reversible to a point whereas ISH is the end result of advanced arteriosclerosis whereas humoral hypertension is reversible in its early stages and is treatable with many different classes of drugs and other therapies.

It is easy and inexpensive to measure vascular stiffness. ISH is much more likely to cause end organ failure of the heart, brain, kidneys, and peripheral vascular system. I you have high blood pressure, it is a good idea to do an ambulatory blood pressure test, which now also include measuring vascular stiffness.


Managing Isolated Systolic Hypertension

Dr. Saputo's Health Assessments


All of the Health Assessments on DoctorSaputo.com have been developed to provide you with integrative and holistic medical information that may help you understand your health condition more fully and share our opinions about possible treatments you may choose to consider with your healthcare practitioner. All of our Health Assessments have been created by Dr. Saputo with the intent of taking just a few minutes of your time and, upon completion, providing instant emailed information in short audio and video files that are specifically related to your unique health condition as determined by the way you answered our simple questions.


All Health Assessments on DoctorSaputo.com are only intended to provide information to consider with your healthcare practitioner and are not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition.

Take our Free Hypertension Health Assessment!


Dr. Saputo's Hypertension Health Assessment will determine first of all if you have high blood pressure and then investigate what you're doing to control it. Lifestyle strategies are very important in controlling blood pressure so we'll ask you about your diet, exercise, stress, sleep, weight, and meaningful purpose. We will also offer you suggestions for supplements that might be of benefit in your situation.





Take our Hypertension Health Assessment



Treating Hypertension Extends Life


The first long term study (22 years) showed that for every month of treatment with chlorthalidone for high blood pressure extended life by one day. This JAMA of December 2011 showed that over 10 years this is 4 months of life extension. It has already been well established that strokes and heart attacks are reduced dramatically, and that may be much more important than longevity. 

It would be much more interesting to see the long term effects of lifestyle in extending life and quality of life. The thiazide diuretics increase cholesterol, uric acid and insulin resistance and lead to side effects you would not see with lifestylel management.


Treating Hypertension Exteends Life




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