Introduction to Somatic Therapy with Nirinjan Yee

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Somatic means embodiment of who we are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We have natural healing mechanisms that keep us in a healthy balance. Where the life is in each person is very valuable information needed to begin the healing process. When we stop fighting there is a relaxation and silence and not knowing that allows what we don't know to emerge.





Introduction to Somatic Therapy with Nirinjan Yee (Audio)

Nirinjan Bikko Yee, CMT
Therapeutic Bodywork
Personalized Movement Training

Nirinjan Bikko Yee is a Massage Therapist, Movement Therapist and Personal Trainer with 25 years experience. She is certified trainer in the Gyrotonic Expansion System®, a certified teacher of the Franklin Method, and a certified practitioner of Craniofacial Therapy, Middendorf Breathwork, Acupressure, and Lomi Somatic Work. Nirinjan has developed somatic education and movement therapy programs for mental health centers in Chicago, IL, and for the San Francisco General Hospital Refugee Clinic. In addition, Nirinjan has taught her work to the staff of the Unversitatsklinik Innsbruck, department of psychosomatic psychiatry.

Conditions Commonly Addressed

· Physical Pain & Discomfort
· Muscular Tension & Stiffness
· Postural Difficulties
· Sports Injuries
· Repetitive Stress Injuries
· Stress & Trauma


· Pain Relief & Stress Reduction
· Ease of Motion
· Improved Posture, Alignment & Balance
· Enhanced Flexibility, Tone & Fluidity
· Increased Energy & Vitality
· Greater Confidence & Self-Esteem


Each session draws from multiple disciplines to address the whole person. A treatment plan and personalized
movement program is created to meet each individual’s unique needs. Nirinjan works in concert with the other
practitioners at HMC to support health and well-being.


Combines Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Lomi
Somatic Work, and Middendorf Breathwork to release chronic tension and awaken the body’s natural
healing abilities.


Combines the flexibility and grace of ballet, the focus of martial arts, body sculpting and weight
training, and the core strength and stretching benefits of Pilates. Gyrotonic produces long, lean, flexible, toned
muscles, increases joint mobility and range of motion, develops coordination and simultaneously stretches and
strengthens the body with minimal effort.


Combines imagery, experiential anatomy and reconditioning to create ease of
movement, flexibility, strength, balance, and vitality.
GYROTONIC® and GRYOTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM are registered trademarks of the Gyrotonic Sales Corp. and are used with their permission.

Nirinjan Bikko Yee (Video)

Nirinjan is one of the practitioners at the Health Medicine Center in Walnut Creek, CA. She offers Therapeutic Bodywork and
Personalized Movement Training. Click the link below for more information.

Nirinjan Bikko Yee

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