Seven Tips to Boost Your Immunity against Swine Flu, By Dr. Len Saputo

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• Eat a healthy diet and avoid sugar
We know that without the raw materials our bodies need, we simply cannot make the nutrients required to boost our immunity; we also know that refined sugar impairs the ability of our white-blood cells to fight infection. That’s why it is crucial to avoid processed foods and consume plenty of fruits and vegetables each day to maintain a strong immune system.

• Stay fit—exercise often!
People who exercise moderately but consistently build stronger immunity; and, if they get an infection, they are more likely to recover quicker. Exercise every day!

• Get plenty of sleep
Sleep not only restores our bodies; it also sustains our immune system. If we miss just five hours of sleep for a single night, our immunity drops 30 percent. Be sure to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

• Reduce stress levels; be happy!
Chronic stress increases secretion of hormones such as cortisol that in turn lead to immune suppression and make us more vulnerable to colds and flus. Laughter and happiness stimulate strong immunity.

• Make sure your level of vitamin D is adequate
America suffers from epidemic of vitamin D deficiency. Without adequate vitamin D, your immunity is severely suppressed, especially in the winter when there is less sunlight. Measure your level of vitamin D3 and use diet or supplements to boost it to adequate levels.

• Consider other supplements and homeopathic remedies that boost immunity
Many studies verify that low levels of vitamins A, C, and D predispose the body to immune suppression. We also know that herbs such as astragalus, echinacea, and elderberry can boost immunity and defend against the flu. Chinese herbs and homeopathic remedies also improve immune defenses during the flu season.

• Avoid the regular flu shot as it may double your risk for swine flu
A recent Canadian study showed that getting the regular flu vaccine in Canada doubled the risk for getting the swine flu!

The audio below includes tips to boosting your immunity

What can you do to protect yourself against all types of influenza, especially if you don't take the vaccine. Stress is the most common cause that compromises our immunity. Boosting immunity rather than treating illness is the way to go. Build up the biological terrain; be proactive by living a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise, stress reduction, adequate sleep, and more. 

Tips to Avoid the Flu (Audio)

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