The Power of Chi (Qi) with Francesco Garri Garripoli

submitted by: admin on 07/18/2024

Chi (Qi) is something that does not exist in this dimension. The quantum physicists are beginning to understand aspects of Qi as their current research is concurring with what the ancient sages in China and elsewhere have always held to be true. Qi is what we work with in health and healing practices such as Qigong (chi gung) and tai chi is the energy, the force that keeps things alive, health, and moving. Qi is another perspective of who we are, it is not simply a part of us, it may be the fundamental core that shows we are in fact energy. Experience and being present provides access to healing resonance. Qigong and its slow movement and gentle stretching helps us connect with Qi and heal. Coming into the present is necessary for our heaing and empowerment.

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The Power of Chi with Francesco Garripoli (Audio)

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