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A Dysfunctional Side of Medicine

submitted by: admin on 06/20/2018
Over the past decade there has been a 10 fold increase of the number of retractions and only a 44% increase in journal articles. Some retractions are from errors but many are from misconduct. At the heart of the problem is an economic incentive that fuels a hypercompetitive environment that fosters misconduct, sensationalism, and attempting to publish in high...

Can You Trust Medical Journal Articles?

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
Medical journals are not as scientific as you'd hope. Profit confounds service and journals are a business. Conflicts of interest result in publication of low quality articles for economic or political reasons.      

Medical Journal Ads: Can You Trust Them?

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013
  Less than half the claims in ads from top ENT journals are backed by data referenced by the advertiser. The problem is that MDs are swayed by these same ads. A few reputable journals have banned ads, but most have not. Income from journals comes from both subscriptions and from advertisers. Big Pharm knows that for every dollar they spend on an...

Medical Journals Reflect Pharma Conflicts of Interest

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013
In order to validate research, it is necessary to look into who is funding the research as well as who is doing it. When a pharmaceutical company funds a research project, they want to make that drug look like a new wonder drug and they their primary concern is not whether it is effective or that it has side effects. They have very limited ethics. They are looking...

Prescriptions for Health Radio Show: March 4, 2011

submitted by: admin on 09/26/2023
Hour One:  20:20 tips   "When and why to drink water" and "Let's label Genetically Modified food"Topics this hour:   Turmeric for cancer Celebrex is toxic, but may be helpful for colon cancer Insulin Potentiated Therapy with Chemo (gets rid of sugar that cancer cells like) Sugar sweetened drinks increase blood pressure and affect brain...

Should Medical Journals Release Articles to the Public?

submitted by: admin on 09/26/2023
Our taxes pay for NIH's research, so what is published is really our property. Why then should we have to pay for access to this information. The conflicts of interest between medical journals and NIH are discussed.

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