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Can Eating Satisfy Your Hunger with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
We need to know the deeper reasons for why we overeat and they are usually ignored. Body type and biochemical indviduality is only part of the problem. Maternal-child interactions are at the root of overeating as the child is absolutely dependent for its survival on the mother. Eating can be come a coping mechanism for the trauma and stress of infant hunger ....

Cultivating an Appetite You Can Trust with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
The dream of every overeater is how can I have a normal appetite. Deprivation is not the right concept for successful weight loss. What is in the way of successfully regulating your appetite is addressed. Julie discusses these ideas.            

Getting in Touch with Prenatal Emotions with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
There are prenatal events that can lead to depression. What happens prenatally remains with us into adult life. People under anesthesia experience some of the same situations that occur prenatally. Some of these experiences that are not brought to completion are imprinted into our behavior. Julie documents regressions that make prenatal experience as important...

Hands of Life with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013

Hands of Life, A Healers Journey with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
One's own healing energy and the holistic nature of how we heal. Unearthing our emotional traumas is key to this process and it goes all the way back to fetal life. Anesthesia in many ways is much like fetal life and we have ignored how this 9 month period affects us later in life.

How to Work Out Safely with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 10/08/2013
Many people workout to look good rather than be healthy. It is important to look into the reasons for needing to "look good." Working from the "inside out" is authentic and healthy; working from the "outside in" is similar to not being authentic. Exercise should be fun. Preparing for exercise is a good idea in trying to prevent an...

Mastering the Mind of the Body with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 10/10/2013
In Chinese medicine the liver meridian runs through the knee and so does anger. Repetitive anger wears on the knee. The meaning of emotions and why they developed needs to be worked out. Working out how it feels when one wins and loses is a great way to begin the healing exploration. The hidden emotional agendas need to be worked out before healing can begin.

Not Being Fed When We're Hungry as Infants with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 10/12/2013
One of the earliest challenges in life is frustration is about not being fed when hungry. This can feel like death to an infant; it becomes a life or death issue. This old behavior pattern can lead to overeating later in life.

Obesity: What is the Cause? With Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 10/12/2013
  Why do we eat when we're not hungry? Our earliest frustration was not being fed when hungry. It is a life and death issue for an infant. This old memory persists and when we're threatened food is still the solution.

Roots of Depression with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
Prenatal events have a powerful effect on emotional development. There are methods of taking us back to these early experiences to re-explore them. Looking back to prenatal life is a new concept in managing depression.            

Why Sport Injuries Occur with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
Injuries are never just physical; emotional explanations will become apparent if you investigate more deeply. Early anxiety or tragedy often is responsible for injuries. When the mind of the body is pulled out by some other concern it cannot be present in the body and that is when we injure ourself.          

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