Having Too Few Gut Microbes is a Disease

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013


A study published in the August issue of the journal, Nature, did a genetic analysis on the number of gut microbes in 292 Danes and found that 25% have up to 40% fewer gut bacteria and reduced bacterial diversity. This was accompanied by low grade inflammation, weakened immunity, an increase in the incidence of obesity!

Decreased numbers and diversity of gut microbes result from toxins we ingest that include GMO foods, xenotoxins, food allergies, antibiotics and a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs, poor digestion, gut infections, stress and weakened immunity. When this microbiome is disturbed it restricts its ability to metabolize hormones, carcinogens, and xenobiotics, synthesize vitamin K, B5 and 6, and biotin, crowd out pathogenic microbes, synthesize butyrate (which the colon depends on to produce its energy), and stimulate the gut immune system. These gut microbes make countless bioactive compounds that affect our biology profoundly.


Having Too Few Gut Microbes is a Disease (Video)

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