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Dealing With Stress and Teenage Alcohol

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
The reasons why many teenages are stressed out and choose alcohol to relieve stress are reviewed. Our dysfunctional cultural values are the driving force leading to anxiety, frustration, and depression. Our educational system is discussed and solutions offered. Professional Healing Circle Blog

submitted by: admin on 03/30/2020 Professional Healing Circle Blog   Healing Circles are a novel way of looking at health issues from the perspective of multiple disciplines. We are now looking at all aspects of COVID 19 infections in an open forum of healthcare practitioners that will be shared with visitors of You are invited to share your...

Forces for Transformation

submitted by: admin on 09/21/2013
John explores how conscious evolution is effecting society today. The forces inside and outside of ourselves are explored and their importance revealed. Challenges and solutions for transformation are discussed.                

Health Care Reform: A Physician's Point of View

submitted by: admin on 07/18/2024
Dr. Lonnie Bristow and Dr. Len held a town hall meeting on health care reform with the two MDs from different perspectives. The issues discussed include the insurance industry, big pharma, hospitals, universal health care, and solutions we support. We need a health care reform that includes wellness and prevention as well as health care for all.

Health Reform, Over 50 Years With Lonnie Bristow, MD

submitted by: admin on 09/23/2013
Dr. Bristow is a former president of the national AMA and reviews the challenges he has faced in health care throughout his distinguished career. He also presents his ideas for solutions to what we're now facing in health care from the points of view of cost, availability of insurance, the epidemic of chronic diseases, and the safety of medications.            

How to Deal with Human Suffering

submitted by: admin on 09/24/2013
Suffering is not necessary, it is a choice. Human flourishing with happiness, well being, and compassion are natural. It is necessary to know about suffering; the experience of suffering and then learn the causes before applying solutions. Most suffering comes from our personal afflictions such as jealousy, anger, pride, greediness, etc. Where do they develop...

Intuition Medicine

submitted by: admin on 10/09/2013
Intuition can be developed into a powerful tool for insight and healing. We can learn to access our intuition through training and use it to find solutions to health care issues. Being present helps us to have access to our intuition.          

Making Choices that Don't Help

submitted by: admin on 07/18/2024
Making bad choices are often conscious. New Year Resolutions and legislation don't work. Education through school programs, family values, and role models are important. DTC and other ads undermine our intelligence.

Natural Solutions for Improved Vision with Meir Schneider, PhD, CMT

submitted by: admin on 07/18/2024
Meir is a pioneer in natural approaches for eye care. He is endorsed by numerous ophthalmologists and his work is amazingly effective. He cites many examples of how he manages these conditions naturally.

Nutritional Solutions for Insomnia with Ed Bauman

submitted by: admin on 10/12/2013
Most people rely on a sleeping pills or alcohol. All too often we consume too many excitotoxins and blame high cortisol is the problem. Melatonin is used in megadoses. We look to putting bandaids on problems and they don't work. Bad food, medications, excitotoxins, and stress all add up.            

Patient Errors in Taking Medications

submitted by: admin on 07/18/2024
The majority of patients coming home from the hospital know little about the medications they are taking or why. This leads to confusion and errors that can have serious consequences. Methods to prevent this are presented.

Solutions for Spousal Abuse

submitted by: admin on 04/10/2015
  Spousal abuse is far more common that most of us realize. Actually, abuse is common in most marriages; perhaps that is why 50% of marriages end in divorce, 67% of second marriages end in divorse, and 75% of third marriages end in divorce. It is why marriage couselling is so common! All to often courting leads to both people being on their best...

The Voice of Reason with Francesco and Dr Len

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2021
Cutting through the confusion generated by fake news and brainwashing hyperbole that has left us all wondering what to believe about COVID 19. Solid medical science and research data from the CDC and global health experts are reviewed and discussed.   The Voice of Reason podcasts are intended to provide a common sense commentary from authors...

The Voices of Reason

submitted by: admin on 02/04/2023
Cutting through the confusion generated by fake news and brainwashing hyperbole that has left us all wondering what to believe about COVID 19. Solid medical science and research data from the CDC and global health experts are reviewed and discussed.   The Voice of Reason Shows are intended to provide a common sense commentary from authors...

Transparency for 2021

submitted by: admin on 07/18/2024

Transparency for 2021

submitted by: admin on 01/01/2021
We all hoped that the year 2020 would be filled with transparency and clear vision. However, it has been filled with anything but transparency. We've experienced a pandemic of corruption, fraud and lies that has made us frustrated, angry, and feeling hopeless. Dr. Len and Francesco review what happened in 2020 with Covid 19 testing, methods of reporting mortality,...

What is Obamacare and is it the Answer to America's Health Challenges?

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
  The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or "Obamacare," became law in  March of 2010 is is the topic of considerable confusion. To begin with it is nearly 2700 pages long and is written in complex legal terminology that few understand; this includes, believe it or not, most of the US Congress! The...

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