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submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
4-F doesn’t just mean an exemption from serving in the armed forces.   If you’re a Female, Fat, Forty, and Flatulent, you are particularly at risk of having gallstones. Most of the time gallstones don’t cause any symptoms at all, but they can lead to pancreatitis. Dr. Len explains what gallstones are and how they relate to pancreatitis.        

Gandhi and Ayurveda with Arya Bhardwaj

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
The principles of Ayurveda are reviewed in terms of celebacy, the type of food that is consumed, and proper sleep along with the principles of Gandhi. Ayurveda is more than a health care discipline, it is a lifestyle practice.              


submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
There are a multitude of healthy benefits from garlic that are reviewed. It is one of nature's most versatile and powerful foods that is also very tasty. Its effects on blood pressure, anticoagulation, and on microbes is reviewed.          

Garlic Protects the Heart

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
  Garlic oil may help release protective compounds for the heart during a heart attack, during cardiac surgery, or for congestive heart failure. The active compound is diallyl trisulfide, which can deliver hydrogen sulfide gas to the heart. In studies in mice when a coronary artery is tied off there is 61% less damage when diallyl trisulfide is administered....

Garlic Superior to Antibiotics for Common Food-borne Illnesses

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
  A compound in garlic, diallyl disulfide, according to an article in the May issue of the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, is more than 100 times more potent than Cipro or erythromycin in food borne illnesses caused by campylobacter, pathogenic E. coli, and listeria infections. There are far more complication from pharmaceutical drugs than from...

Gaya Bhatnagar, Lac, MS, CAP

submitted by: admin on 07/24/2024
Gaya Bhatnagar, Lac, MS, CAP Acupuncturist and Herbalist Credentials Gaya Bhatnagar is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She is also a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, as well as holding certificates in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Reiki. Gaya has studied with the top Acupuncturist, Ayurvedic Practitioners and Naturopathic...

General Anesthesia Can Cause Dementia

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
  An article in Annals of Neurology in February of 2012 showed that in mice the anesthetic Forane caused impaired cognitive function that were much like the changes in Alzheimer's disease. Previous studies have documented that patients undergoing general anesthesia may increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Transient cognitive dysfunction...

General Wellness and Prevention Protocol

submitted by: admin on 06/09/2014
  We cannot be healthy if we don't live a healthy lifestyle. If all of our cells are healthy, infact, it is impossible to be sick! So, our job is to keep our cells healthy by living a healthy lifestyle that includes diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, proper weight, and having meaningful purpose in our lives. If we follow these principles,...

General Wellness Health Assessment

submitted by: admin on 04/18/2015
Dr. Saputo's General Wellness Health Assessment asks questions about your lifestyle and its deficiencies, what physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges you are faced, and what you can do to deal with them using mainsteam and CAM approaches.   We cannot be healthy if we don't live a healthy lifestyle. If all of our cells are healthy it...

Genes and Heart Attack

submitted by: admin on 07/24/2024
Scientists have found thirteen new gene variants that can increase a person's chance of developing heart disease.  One of the benefits would be the ability to identify people carrying this gene and neutralize the excess risk.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardio vascular disease, one of the largest killers in the...

Genetically Engineered Food: What You Need to Know

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
Genetically engineered food and animals are now widespread in supermarkets. The safety is untested and we're conducting a global experiment. Novel changes by modifying genes has advantages but also consequences too. It also has potential impacts on the environment and its ecosystems.          

Genital Herpes Overview

submitted by: admin on 07/24/2024

Genital Herpes Spreads Without Lesions

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
People who have herpes 2 can spread the virus to their sexual partner even if they do not have a clinical outbreak. Most cases of genital herpes are acquired from people without a clinical history of genital herpes! Transmission likely correlates with the activity of viral shedding from the skin or mucosal surface where it resides. Studies on patients who were...

Geoffrey Marx, NC

submitted by: admin on 07/24/2024
Geoffrey Marx, NC Certified Nutrition Consultant and a Recommended Health Coach by Dr. Saputo Credentials Geoffrey is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Educator. He is a graduate of Bauman College in Berkeley, Ca., and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from San Francisco State University. Geoffrey is currently on the Board of Directors of the...

Germy Mouths Increase Heart Attacks

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
Periodontal disease, root canals, cavitations, etc result in inflammation and can lead to heart attacks. The kind of microbes that inhabit the mouth have a powerful effect on inflammation. Peroxide, coenzyme Q10, vitamin D, and vitamin K are effective ways to resolve periodontal problems.            

Get Active in Health Care Reform

submitted by: admin on 07/24/2024
                      A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and The Future of Medicine  

Getting Beyond Toxic Personal-Care Products with Vicki Saputo, RN

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
                           In Chapter 1 of A Return to Healing, we tell the true story of how Vicki Saputo, RN (the wife of the author, Len Saputo, MD) faced and then overcame a major life-threatening condition. She had long suffered from delayed recurring allergic reactions...

Getting Healthier With Age with Ofer Erez

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
There is a difference between aging and becoming dysfunctional. There are clearly advantages of getting older; wisdom, experience, knowledge, skill. Abuse and misuse of the body cause loss of function. "Use it or lose it" or "abuse it and lose it" are important perspectives of aging.            

Getting in Touch with Prenatal Emotions with Julie Motz

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
There are prenatal events that can lead to depression. What happens prenatally remains with us into adult life. People under anesthesia experience some of the same situations that occur prenatally. Some of these experiences that are not brought to completion are imprinted into our behavior. Julie documents regressions that make prenatal experience as important...

Getting Outside the Mainstream Medical Box with Larry Dossey, MD

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
The power of the mind in medical illness is a powerful tool. Shifting from traditional medicine to intuition medicine is a challenging process. Imagery, visualization, and meditation were the foundation for premonitions. Premonitions are a fore-warning. We all have the capacity to have premonitions.        

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