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Safe Household Products

submitted by: admin on 08/04/2014
There are about 17,000 chemicals in common household products and few are tested for safety or tested before they are put on the store shelves. The terms on the labels (organic, natural) are unregulated.   Commercial cleaners are polluting our homes and contributing to the rise in chronic diseases including asthma and allergies because they weaken our...

Safe Skin Care Products with Lani Simpson, DC

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
  Commercial skin care problems are not regulated and they tend to go through the skin more often than most of us realize. Over time bioaccumulation is a big issue.          

Safety of Pharmaceutical Drug Plants

submitted by: admin on 07/13/2024

Safety of Tylenol

submitted by: admin on 07/13/2024
Tylenol is the most commonly used analgesic, but it has important safety concerns. It is a powerful liver toxicant that can lead to death or transplants. It can also cause GI bleeding and other problems that are reviewed.

Saftey of Cold Remedies

submitted by: admin on 07/13/2024

Salt, Exercise, and Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
There is a lot of confusion about what salt does for the risk of hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, congestive heart failure, and mortality. Recent studies have shown that for people without heart disease or stroke, that salt does not increase mortality. There is no question that salt is a bad idea for someone with congestive...

School Kitchen Garden Programs Work

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
  Grow it, try it, and you just might like it! That is the motto many schools are using to encourage kids to eat more fruits and veggies. A program out of Australia published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior in March of 2013 recruited 764 kids in grades 3-6 and 562 parents. Each class had 45 minutes a week in the garden with a trained...

School Programs to Prevent Obesity

submitted by: admin on 07/13/2024
The 5-2-1 program in Massachusetts recommends 5 different fruits and veggies, no more than 2 hours behind a TV or computer, and one hour of exercise daily. Vicki and Len explore and comment on this program.

Science, Spirituality and Covid 19 and Where we are Now!

submitted by: admin on 08/07/2020
We are learning that we cannot trust the information, recommendations,  and mandates of our government when it comes to Covid 19. There is an abundance of misinformation that changes over time and often makes no sense. We are depending on a test for diagnosis that is far from accurate, data on theprevalence and mortality that is simply...

Science, Spirituality and Medicine

submitted by: admin on 05/24/2016
There is an intricate organization and incredible perfection in the universe that is mindboggling. While there is always a scientific explanation for how the universe works, it has eluded even the great Albert Einstein who states that there is no logical path to the laws of the universe and that the only path to these laws is a combination of intuition and experience.  In...

Science, Spirituality and Medicine

submitted by: admin on 09/17/2016
This essay explores the roles of science and spirituality in our human experience and how they complement one another in our quest to understand how the Universe works. Click on the download box below to access the file  

Science, Spirituality, and Consciousness with Bob Whitehouse

submitted by: admin on 07/13/2024

Scientists Uncover New Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy

submitted by: admin on 01/09/2017
An article published in May of 2012 in Nature Medicine reported that a chemical (methylglyoxal) that is produced excessively in people with painful diabetic neuropathy, appears to attack and modify a protein in nerve endings that causes nerves to become hypersensitive to pain, heat and cold. This may lead to investigating ways to increase an enzyme, glyoxalase,...

Screening Does Not Reduce Prostate Cancer Deaths

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
  Screening does not significantly reduce prostate cancer deaths but it does lead to overdetection and overtreatment. The cancer detection rate is 40% higher with testing, but to prevent one death from prostate cancer more than 1400 men would need screening and 48 would be unnecessarily treated. The era of the PSA is over.

Screening for Breast Cancer

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
What are the best approaches to screen for breast cancer, especially in premenopausal women? Breast thermography is compared to mammograms, CT scans, MRIs, and breast examination. The basis for breast thermography is explained.

Screening for Colon Cancer (video series)

submitted by: admin on 04/08/2015
No one wants to get colon cancer and colonoscopy has been touted to be the best way to find asymptomatic precanceous and cancerous lesions of the colon that could be lifesaving. This makes logical sense, however, the United States Preventive Services Task Force in now questioning this test for healthy people who have no GI symptoms.   

Screening for Heart Disease

submitted by: admin on 07/13/2024

Selecting a Hospital Matters

submitted by: admin on 07/13/2024
Hospitals are rated and survival and outcomes depend on how good they are. There’s a 65% difference in outcomes depending on the hospital you select. Doing your homework is essential. We discuss the differences.

Self Foregiveness with Belinda Farrell

submitted by: admin on 07/13/2024
Healing is related to self forgiveness. We only make a certain amount of energy every day and it is easy to waste it. Forgiveness is a way of eliminating these energy suckers.

Selling Cancer Screening

submitted by: admin on 06/18/2016
  Medical professional groups and cancer advocacy groups need to refocus on educating rather than persuading about cancer testing. The harms of screening have been largely dismissed. It is easy to sell screening, just magnify the benefit, minimize the cost, and hide the data about their value. These tests are big business and there are conflicts...

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